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    There is literally no clue whatsoever which spec is going to top. There are class balacing issues when the patch hits and/or when the first hotfixes after mythic opens or 9.1 hits and there are dozens of conduit and covenant tweaks coming for sure.
    We will know about 5-6 weeks into mythic raiding which spec prevails for that tier, but currently the gap between MM and BM in the beta logs is too small to care, so choose whatever you want to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sondrelk View Post
    Just play what you find most fun. MM is not a very rewarding spec to play at the moment. I would say you shoul switch only if you actually would prefer to play without a pet, or in general don't like playing BM.

    Not sure if you are basing the asesment on the damage in the pre-patch the beta, but neither are especially reliable. The pre-patch is always unbalanced, and we always get a large tuning wave before and after the first raid in which most of the outliers are brought back in.
    He is probably not comparing the numbers from the pre-patch, but from the beta at 60. And as a cutting edge Raider as of now he will play MM. Simple as that.
    MM is superior in any situation at 60 right now. BUt as you said, balancing might come.
    But overall, MM feels good in the beta.

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    MM all the way!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    Most of them, yes. I actually liked Mage a lot more than Warlock for example, because it has ways of moving (Shimmer talent) that don't stop you casting, and even a damage spell you can use while casting other things.

    Stopping casts when moving is a shit mechanic. I've never liked it. If it just slowed or even paused the cast until you stop moving again, it would feel so much better. MM felt really fun during that one patch where the set bonus was instant Aimed Shots.

    And why wouldn't you want to play a "cheat code" class? In the end, damage is all that matters.
    For the same reason why you don’t play other game with cheat codes. It’s boring. It’s not challenging. And it’s not satisfactory to win without putting in any effort.

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    BM hunters who cry about cast times, never played a destro warlock w/out backdraft.

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    The easier a spec is the more fun it is. So i'd never go MM, BM ftw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalam the Venom View Post
    The easier a spec is the more fun it is. So i'd never go MM, BM ftw
    Spoken like a true AOTC raider. More power to ya.

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    On the target dummy I can't get any decent dps as MM
    max 2k with 130 ilvl.
    Maybe I'm doing something wrong or my items are not well itemized for MM

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    Hell yeah!

    I learned to dislike BM less over the course of 8.3, it actually flows pretty well in M+ content. BM has always felt a little off to me while raiding though. I'm excited to getting back to pumping fat aimed shots straight into the boss from fifty yards.

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    Well playing BM at best requires you to use 3 ground targeted aoes. It requires you to also use tar trap/flare awkwardly. I never thought a legendary alone could make me not want to play a spec.

    Besides, MM is super strong, pretty easy albeit somewhat difficult in its own way, in both ST and AOE, has the second best mobility in the game for ranged, and has a good legendary. That said I also kind of think MM is going to be a FOTM spec, which doesn't generally bode well for not getting nerfed.
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    I only went BM because it was fuck-all easy mode, and made farming 5 mask SUPER easy (not as easy as my DH... but about damn close). I have BEEN WAITING for MM to be relevant again. Combine that with Venthyr having THE dopest mail set this game has seen in YeArS.. no brainer.
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