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wow.....its 0000 wtf is the 2400 hour it ends at 2359 there isnt a 2401 its 0001

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with the 24 hour clock you dont add : it just makes it confusing.
Yes, you do. 0000 is military time format, not just 24h clock. 12h clock adds AM/PM. 24:00 and 00:00 are identical and more personal choice than anything.

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Well timezones aren't "lines", they are areas, I hope people from Spain know that they share the same timezone as Paris, which is marked =)
Plenty of weirdly shaped time zones, though. And Spain in the CET doesn't really make sense, they're to far west. But businesses are all "keeping track of time is soooooo hard"... weird how they don't seem to have much problems in international trade...