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    If they made a new class in the future, what would it be?

    I'll start by saying it would be a bad idea and the 12 we have is plenty enough. No new classes or hero-classes would be fine with me. But what if they introduced a new one in a future expansion? What would it be? What other WoW-Lore characters can we look towards that would hint at a new class?

    Again, I think it would be a bad idea to make anything new. But with that said, here are my 2 cents on 3 classes that I think could be feasible...
    armor: mail
    roles: tank, mdps, heal
    weapons: polearms, staff, 2handers
    story: a champion of the blackdragonflight as wrathion strengthens his order. As we close the Maw and leave the Shadowlands, we rebuild what was once great in azeroth. Wrathion chooses you as one of his dragonflight champions and allows you to share their knowledge, power, and abilities.

    Druid of Nightmare-
    armor: mail (the new druid forms would be heavily armored)
    roles: tank, mdps, rdps
    weapons: *what reg.druids get*
    story: as the emerald dream gets corrupted continuously, you learn to control the corruption/dark forces, much like demon hunters and death knights. as a new hero class, you serve as a dark druid, with different/corrupted forms, and get your power from the dead, much like a warlock.

    armor: cloth
    roles: tank, mdps, rdps
    weapons: swords and sheilds
    story: after shadowlands, the kirin tor has created a hero class in which they restore the balance between life and death with anti-magic. cloth wearing and shield bearing, you defend the line as we close the maw and restore balance to azeroth.

    I looked at a few current MMO titles and this is what I found to form your opinions.
    Guild Wars calls their classes professions, but has same idea. Pretty sure we have all these in WoW already though.

    Elder Scrolls has a few, but its obvious what their cournterparts would be in WoW-terms

    Skyforge had a couple cool concepts

    And heres a few Misc. Pics I found

    Current thread warnings:

    This thread is about *all* possible new classes for WoW, not just Tinkers. The thread needs a bit of breathing room from the "pro-" and "anti-" debate about Tinkers. Let's pivot on to some other possible classes and put this rolling debate to rest.
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    Tinker is the first thing that pops into my mind. It's the most original class concept since no other class deals with technology.
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    I'm shocked they didn't for bfa. Guess allied races were more interesting. Perhaps they could have given them for SL as simply progressing the mechagon storyline. It would not have been exactly SL style content, so not surprised. Missed chance for now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morae View Post

    I'm shocked they didn't for bfa. Guess allied races were more interesting. Perhaps they could have given them for SL as simply progressing the mechagon storyline. It would not have been exactly SL style content, so not surprised. Missed chance for now.
    ^ this...

    Still waiting for a reason to play gnome and goblin lol. Its Tinker or bust :P

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    Tinkerer like most said is the only class that I feel would make the most sense in terms of not 'feeling' like any other class while still being in the wow universe.

    Also I agree that they have way too many classes at this point. I also believe the allied races were a bad idea as well, but that's just me. Too much bloat in terms of who can be what and what there is to choose from. If only they would have introduced them instead of monks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starbrand View Post
    armor: mail
    Considering the current armor distribution, this is a must-have for me. It is absolutely ridiculous to introduce more of the others, especially leather, and still only have the two vanilla classes use mail. Was bad enough leather got 2 classes in a row.

    As for which class it should be, I don't care. Make it fit mail, I will play it.

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    I'd say Tinkerer as well, though I'd love to see a spellbreaker

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    Hopefully its a Mail wearing class that can Tank heal and do Ranged dps

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    if they would make a new class, first off it would be behind some rep grinding then the class would be too OP and the rotation would be that I smash my head unto my keyboard, it would make me first on dps meters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schwank05 View Post
    Hopefully its a Mail wearing class that can Tank heal and do Ranged dps
    I thought blizz is refusing to make any more ranged classes.

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    Personally I think a Sea Witch could work and fill some of the gaps we currently have in our current class list.
    It would be a ranged Mail wearer (finally adding a second class to use ranged weapons and a third mail wearer), while we do have specs that use water and void elements (mainly resto shaman/shadow priests) I think it could still be pretty unique feeling and also potentially have a healing spec (shaman water + druid life magic = algae blooms?).

    As the class is heavily reliant on naga culture, the class inclusion could be used to push their story forward. Seemingly Azshara has peaced out and N'zoth is dead, so if there was ever a time for them to shift toward "less hostile", it'd be now.
    What better way to get some positive faction relations than teaching races to be your prime class, much like the pandaren and monks.

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    Void Knight

    As it stands now, the Void is the ONLY cosmic force that does not have its own unique class. Meanwhile...

    Death: Death Knight
    Fel: Warlock, Demon Hunter
    Light: Paladin, Priest (2 specs)
    Life: Druid, possibly Shaman and Hunter (as they are both connected to the elements and/or the animal life)
    Arcane: Mage (all 3 specs are derived from the Arcane)

    Void? It has no unique class. It only has Shadow Priest, which is ONE SPEC of the Priest class.

    Lorewise, we already have examples of Paladin-esque figures serving in the Twilight's Hammer, the apocalyptic cult that worships the Old Gods, who are beings of pure Void. These individuals are known as Twilight Vindicators.

    Logically, 10.0 will be about the Void Lords. A Void-based class would therefore be the perfect tie-in, and it would be introduced to the Alliance and Horde by the Ren'dorei and Shadowmoon Mag'har respectively.

    As well, marketing-wise, the trope of "Black Knight" tends to be massively popular and attract A LOT of people. One only needs to look at the massive hype that Death Knight, another class that fits this trope, generated.
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    Teriz has a fairly well-fleshed idea for dragonsworn here

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    Necromancer, can be a Mail wearer, and I think most races should be able to be it. It would be what a Priest is to a Paladin. Plus, it dosen't have to be associated with the Lich King/Ebon Blade, Bwonsamdi's worshippers certainly aren't

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    Dont care what anyone says, I want it!

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    - Runemaster (Scribes/Inscribers)
    - Necromancer (Spiritwalkers/Spiritbinders//Deathspeakers/Graven Ones)
    - Warden (Priests of the Moon/Sentinel/Huntress/Spellbreaker)
    - Bard (Minstrels/Jesters/Performers)
    - Dragonsworn (Drakonid/Dragonspawn/Watchers/Timewalkers)
    - Blademaster (Weapon Masters/Burning Blades/Bladefists)
    - 'Other Ranger' class (Dark Ranger/Shadow Hunters/Sea Witches)
    - 'Concoction maker' class (Apothecary/Witch Doctor/Potion Doc)
    - 'Blood Magic' class (Fleshshapers/Fleshcrafters/Blood Drinkers)
    - 'Alternate Druid' class (Nightmare/Fang/Flame/Swarm)
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    Dark Ranger or Alchemist!

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    i hope they don't come up with a new class ebfore they fix the current ones which are even with borrowed powers a shallow self of what they used to be in MoP and even in WoD if theey somewhat fix current classes they can come up with whatever they want

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    Bake alchemist and tinker into one class with ranged dps (tinker with guns and turrets), heal (alchemist) and tank (tinker with a big ol' suit like Mekkatorque). Make it Goblin and Gnome only.

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