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    i'll pick Kyrian because it has the best looking cosmetics for my Paladin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spazzix View Post
    It's threads like this that help push players towards picking based on sims that aren't actually relevant/realistic for them as players.
    So, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Do people care about performance because of threads like this or do threads like this exist because people care about performance?

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with people basing their choices on getting a better performance, no matter what type or level of content they do. It doesn't matter if it's something they can do on their own or if they read it up on a guide. It doesn't matter if they do it to squeeze a unnoticeable 0,1% or for a bigger gain.

    This game has always been and will always be based around numbers, so it will always be a natural behaviour that players try to get the best possible numbers out of it. Some will take it to the extreme, others will take a more flexible approach, but in the end is a power based game with power progression systems. You don't stick around with a tier set from 3 expansions ago just because the bonus effect is super fun, you move on because numbers moved on.

    Finally, if lately this has been taken to the extreme for everyone is not because of how the community works, but precisely because of how the game works. You want to end with that mentality? keep it simple. The more complex and unredeable systems are, the more people will rely on sims and finding answers to those questions that they can't solve by themselves.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyanu View Post
    the Pelagos issue is a bit annoying because it already functions like a land mine... obviously having a soulbind with an additional DPS trait is problematic and it will probably have to be nerfed (again), which unless it happens right now BEFORE people pick a covenant will lead to drama and dissapointment...

    the structure of soulbinds need to be streamlined in terms of output to something like 2 potency +1 output trait for everyone
    I don't quite understand. All covenant and all Soulbind got access to 2 DPS 2 Defs and 2 Utilities conduits.
    Pelagos got a mandatory DPS slot but there is a similar Soulbind in each covenant.
    As far as I know, the structure IS streamilined since early october (IIRC).

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    No, i'm going Night fae because i love them.

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    I tried out the covenant abilities(Hunter) and didn't really like Venthyr, or Ardenweld. I didn't mind Mald but can't stand the armor or dailies. So that left me with Kyrian

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    Since I will main hunter I have it a bit easier, class with 2 specs so I will see what makes the best average between the two specs, might never be on the "optimal", but it will work fine for both BM and MM. Still have to decide what it really is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PingPong View Post
    nah I'm going night fae on paladin screw the best choice
    I feel like it's the way I'm taking my pally too, those buffs are reminiscent of old blessings.

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    Only on my hunter because they have the best mail armor set and will get nerfed into not being the best within a month.

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    If I pick Kyrian it will be only because of aesthetics/cool ability, but Night Fae hits much closer to what I like so I will most likely stick to them

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    Going either Venthyr or Necrolords on my warrior.

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    Kyrian is probably the least interesting out of the 4, no matter if the soulbind is good
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    Blood DK will be Venthyr
    Prot Paly goes to Kyrian
    Brewmaster Monk gonna be Night Fae

    Still don't know which one will be my main for MM progress, will choose during the heroic week depending on my guild's needs, healers feedback and personal preference at level 60 gameplay (sadly didn't get beta for the first time since MoP, thanks Blizzard)

    And don't worry too much about Pelagos, he will be nerfed to the ground in the MM raid balance patch, you can mark my words.
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    No, I am picking Necrolord because they are the worst and thus least likely to be nerfed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordVargK View Post
    better than warlocks getting a buff to drain life, a spell that you would never use.
    Not true. There's situational uses for drain life.

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    I realy hope more people will just pick what they want.

    It will be super annoying the first week hearing everyone so well though out plan to go kyrian ad why didnt you pick that type of comments.

    Cus wowhead said so.. wowhead already ruined it for everyone by saying kyrian is the strongest.

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    So first of all, Pelagos' mastery granting ability Combat Meditation is the reason to consider Kyrian over that soulbind, because his versatility buff that has been nerfed a couple times is at the bottom of his tree and won't be unlocked until later in progression. I'll be going Kyrian as an affliction warlock because their ability is a near 100% uptime dot and the damage added to malefic rapture is a more significant gain than any of the other covenants have to offer.

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    Yup Kyrian best for all hunter spec so thats where i'm going .

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    Picking what fits my character the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lampalo View Post
    Ooh boy do I have bad news for you if you actually believed that your soulbind would follow you :/ It's just another talent system. The entire covenant system must be the number one most wasted potential game system ever implemented - feels bad for blizzard.
    Well, I think that title goes to Warfronts.
    But while I'm glad that I'm not followed by some NPC that probably gets me stuck in combat 24/7, it kinda makes the soulbind system meaningless. I thought it would work like the follower system in Nazjatar. If all it does is to give me another talent tree, then why bother creating actual characters at all? I assume you meet them while leveling and quest with/for them, so you will have some kind of interaction, but we had that in the past without it giving us a talent tree...

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    I decide by the usefulness of the coventant ability and am quite happy, that Kyrian is overall the best way to go for my Paladin.
    Venthyr sims higher for ST, but it's also crappy to play with.
    THe theme is also extremely fitting for the Paladins, so im fine with it being good

    But I definetly wouldn't have picked it if it would not have been good.

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