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    That Mickey Rourke game where he's a navy seal or something.

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    Mickey's Wild Adventure for PS1... the first and only CD i broke in my hand out of rage lol

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    Fallout 4. I wasted $60 on a game I played for less than 2 hrs.

    Mass Effect: Andromeda was bad too, but I played it for like 6 hrs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyphael View Post
    Fade to Black for Playstation 1. Most confusing, difficult game I ever played. I couldn't even get out of the first level.
    That was the Flashback sequel, wasn't it? Man, I loved Flashback but this game was a shitshow. Same thing happened with Out of this world, amazing first game and head scratcher of a 2nd.

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    Superman 64... it would have been ET for the Atari, but it really didn't interest me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidzor View Post
    I never played Superman 64, but I kinda want to try it one day just out of curiosity. It gets mentioned in every "worst game of all time" discussion I've seen.
    Oh it was horrendous, just trying to master the controls was enough to give people migraines.

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    FFXIV. Nothing appealing, fun, or interesting about it whatsoever. Ugly as shit too.

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    Too Human was one i recall not liking at all. Thankfully i had free rentals from working at Hollywood Video. All i lost was precious time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidzor View Post
    I never played Superman 64, but I kinda want to try it one day just out of curiosity. It gets mentioned in every "worst game of all time" discussion I've seen.
    It's wild. It's like someone took an old Atari game, complete with vague goals, terrible controls, and insanely tight timers, and them turned it into a N64 game. It's a Superman game where most levels just have you flying through a series of rings that you have to fly through every one and reach the end, but the timer limit is so close that if you miss a single ring, you are screwed. And of course the controls as so terrible that actually hitting every ring is nearly impossible.

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    Only thing that comes to mind is No Man's Sky. I've probably played worse since I've played games since amiga and nintendo, but can't think of any atm. Mostly the good ones stuck to me. First time I heard of No Man's Sky I was thinking "where is the game tho?" And lo and behold when it was released there was no game. There was a warhammer 40k game that came after Vermintide 2 which followed the same kind of style. Which we bought because we like the Left 4 Dead kind of games, played a few matches and then returned it... so I guess that's up there, but it still was a game.

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    state of decay or no mans sky.
    i find them interesting concepts but i just find them boring/annoying to play.
    the report systems sucks and the mods are bias.

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    Minecraft, wasted 1 hour building a huge piramide with a friend as he was claiming it was the best thing on the freaking world.

    I never get that 1 hour back, I could have done the dishes or something.

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    Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth, for two reasons.

    1. Was the endings of the two story modes
    2. Was the the bullshit "romance" sub plot with your best friend.

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    Going along with what someone else said, not going to remember the worst game.

    Some really bad games include SimCity (2013), Sea of Thieves, The Order 1886 etc.

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    not exactly worst game but biggest fail for me is Diablo 3 it even hurts me calling it Diablo

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    BfA by a landslide
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    Star Wars Demolition. Legit, the most pointless game I've ever played.

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    Well, this is hard to answer.

    But something that me and my friends we're really looking forward was Alien: Colonial Marines

    And holy shit, it was an actual turd of a game.
    And even after some 6-7 years, of community patching/overhaul, it's still not actually playable...
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    Many of the games named here are not my favourites but i think the worst game ever would certainly be a small game or some ftp ripoff game.
    I remember a ctuluh boardgame on steam that was so horribly stacked against the player that is was basically impossible to win. Stuff like that is problably among the worst games ever, not the big names.
    I didn't like FF 13 either but i have played some ripoff Pay 2 Win FTP games that were definitly worse.
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    There are a fair few, but the most recent one I've played, Fallout 76... Glad I didn't pay full price for that heaping pile of rancid shit, but still disappointed I spent money on it.
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