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    2 Swift Hand of Justice Trinkets Benefit...???

    Somewhat of a noobie to WOW. Some quick stats...

    1. Shadowlands Pre-Patch 9.0.1.
    2. F2P Account. Level 20 Orc BM Hunter.
    3. I mostly quest and do the occasional battleground. I don't do arenas or dungeons. I will probably start doing dungeons and raids once I hit max level.

    I read/heard somewhere that if you like to play PvP and do Battlegrounds a lot than you should consider running/equipping (2) Swift Hand of Justice Trinkets. I have been preferring battlegrounds lately and play them a lot when I am not questing or doing other things world/hunter related.

    Some general questions/concerns...
    A. Do most PvP players do this in order to get twice the benefit/stats...? I can see the obvious advantages this has and I am curious if it will help in battlegrounds.
    B. Would my gold be better spent elsewhere If I don't do PvP as much as someone else...? Its only 700 gold atm...But than again, I am gold starved since I am a noobie and I figured that 700 gold could go to something else that would be a even higher benefit and better suit my time and play style. Like another heirloom piece to replace a neck, ring or head/chest/leg.
    C. Is this more geared towards a tank/warrior or can it work for a hunter also...?

    Anyone in here tried this before...? What was your overall experience/impression...? Were you also a hunter...? Help.

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    If you mean the one that gives % healing on kills?
    In low level bgs your going to either A kill target quickly or B be killed by target quickly.

    More so with the stat squish it wont be a big deal and your probably wont notice much of a change.
    If you are new and short on gold i would just save the money for now. Heirlooms are only worth it if you plan on levelling multiple classes, and if your buying mail pieces the only other class that would benefit is shaman anyways.

    Tldr - Level/play how you want. Save your money, minimal value.

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    Heirlooms are very convenient, while leveling.
    They are definitely not as strong as they used to be, but they scale.

    However, upgrading any heirlooms or a set, to follow you to max level is a BIG gold investment.
    If you have them, use them. Otherwise save the gold.
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