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    torghast is garbage, maw is garbage - exactly like garbage islans or battle fronts... m+ was the last repeatable pve activity with rewards except raids. now they make all m+ system as 0 rewards garbage...
    then just quit. nobody needs negative people like you who obviously don't like the game. also, how is blizzard forcing raiders to pvp? castle nathria drops 226-233 on mythic. couldn't care less about pvp. you are just a salty m+ andy who is whining about a irrelevant thing. +15 is piss easy content and besides that what class do you play that you think you need that vers gear huh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belloc View Post
    And, yet, there will be tens of thousands of players who refuse to participate in PvP and will still remain competitive in raiding, including clearing Mythic raids.

    Also, last I checked, PvP gear caps out at ilvl 190.
    I think he complains that 226 gear, is endgame 2200 rated rewards from the weekly chest.
    While m+15 rewards mythic ilvl gear in the very same vault.
    He's just misunderstanding things alot it seems. Alot of fearmongering over not much.
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    So you say the mercenary switch is only avaiable for horde?

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