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    It isn't. I am honestly baffled how people are excited for this. Shadowlands was actually a lot more exciting than this at the announcement.
    That was my exact thought. Shadowlands was more exciting as an announcement than this. (and I was even more excited for BfA's announcement)

    I've been burned before, and looking past the PR-speak and just looking at the content they're announcing...

    This is not exciting.

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    Oh god, they made Kalec uglier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Triceron View Post
    Well, to his credit 'you gotta be a Dragon to use Dragon magic' is still valid to his argument.
    But he claimed it couldn't be this because

    It has to come from wc3

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    I'm sorry @Scaleface

    No vrykul too, how wrong was I!?

    All that aside, this is very much MoP 2.0 seemingly, and I'm happy with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deventh View Post
    It isn't. I am honestly baffled how people are excited for this. Shadowlands was actually a lot more exciting than this at the announcement.
    We stay on Azeroth, and we get improvements to the base game instead of an expansion trying to work shirt term by layering stuff over the cracks.

    It's basically the exact opposite of SL where everything was a layer on top of base WoW.
    The world revamp dream will never die!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulggun View Post
    Unsub from wow. Unsub from the mmochampion. Better for your health. Better for good health of everyone around you as we dont have to listen to your constant whining.
    ooooor, you could do the same, instead of whining about his whining. this works both ways my guy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Syegfryed View Post
    You will be an elf and you will like it 4Head

    fucking joke bro, they pulled demon hunter 2.0 and said it was "a race and a class"
    Even the cinematic/art team won't be able to carry the expansion this time...

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    It was grounded. Not boring. Look at the first 2 expansion cinematics and the MOP one. Those are examples of 'grounded' cinematics.
    Yeah and those are infinitely more interesting and entertaining than a dude walking up the stairs. And stop with the "grounded" stuff. Every fucking trailer is grounded because it takes place on Azeroth (or Drenor).

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    OMG woke shores gank city LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fahrad Wagner View Post
    the zones look fantastic tbh, a bit disappointed at no world revamp though
    Front page summary has "Revamp of World" though?

    (I'm just now catching up, forgive me)

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    Key word: the settlers...

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    They mentioned Gorlocs! I missed those guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thorqin View Post
    We will never get another Legion level expansion, these types of half-baked expansions are the new norm.

    Time to make peace with it.
    Old God/Cosmic Power will most likely be the next Legion feel.
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    The zones look cool, the prospect of the atmosphere of exploration we can gleam from the presentation seems inviting.

    Remains to be seen how much is actually in this expansion given their headline features of a new class/race (nice), new form of flight (ok), deeper professions (depends on implementation) and overhauled UI (why is this a headline feature)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Constellation View Post
    Scaleface is a legend.
    Can confirm!
    Thank you for very interesting and challenging information!

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    hail @Scaleface our new prophet

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