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    Looking at the story of the new Uldaman wing and the new Chromie scenario, I suppose half the expansion is going to be the Infinite Dragonflight get bamboozled by us at every turn for them to always reply with "just wait until Murozond comes!" or always warning us that Murozond is coming.
    But only if they get blasted away like Team Rocket every time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by huth View Post
    I sure hope it was and will succeed. Airswimming is bad for the game.
    Its really not.

    Its ideal hwo theyve said theyd plan it. Dragonriding, eventually in pathfinder we unlock nornal flying, in the future u can use normal mounts for dragonriding across the game.

    Keep dr faster than nornal flying , normal flying allows accuracy but less speed
    Romance doesnt detract from a story. Its a Genre, like horror or comedy or adventure. The game was ruined when we got Horror in drustvar or nazmir. It wasnt ruined when we had funny quests. So if you think a little man on man love ruins the game, then yes you are either a homophobe or just a spoil sport that goes "ewww kissing is yucky" like a baby. Furthermore, if a character has never expressed interest in any gender, then its not proof they are straight. straight people are not the default

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    I might be late to the party, but Thaldrazsus looks incredible. I can already say that - for me - it's one of the most beautiful zones in WoW and its diverse biomes and architecture is just fantastic. It's a masterclass of zone design and the art department really delivered. Where Shadowlands - while it had great zones - looked pretty bland, Dragon Isles is so full of Warcraft nostalgia and it's oozing just the essence of what made WoW so great in its first years.

    The Dragon Isles really feel like coming back home, from an immersive point of view and that's something they said they wanted to do and I can already say they pretty much nailed it visually.
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