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    I think what rubs me the wrong way with that one is that there isnta punchline to the joke. It's just kinda mean spirited in a way that doesnt feel intended. The way the questline is presented makes it look like a joke questline, but there isnt actually anything overtly funny when you get to the end.
    I guess it's making fun of the repeated questlines where we kill a handful of enemies to set an example, and then kill their leader to disperse them, but the questline doesnt really pull it off.
    That much is perfectly fair—my point only applied to the thread that was linked. I'm not disagreeing at all—it was mean-spirited and the joke generally fell flat, with the satirical/self-deprecating bit seeming a little confused in nature. I just think it was a very awkward and jumbled delivery that made the joke kind of baffling and nonsensical, whereas it seems like some people in the original thread are taking unironic offense to it in some capacity.

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    Oh, it's Portergauge whining again about someone being bad or evil, what's the news? This guy is just obnoxious with his tweets.
    That's the source of my vexation. I don't disagree with the sentiment that it's a mean-spirited joke that falls flat in the slightest, but the way that he and the others in that thread responded seems as though they take unironic moral offense to a failed attempt at satire.

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    Though honestly it's fine as is as well.
    I mean we barely know exceptions to evil amongst gnolls, it's not like the mage has no point at all.

    So yeah, leaving one generic evil gnoll army versus one comically evil mage might actually be the best resolution, morally speaking.

    I mean us siding sith the gnolls would be comical, but the followup to that in turn could just as easily be that we discover that the gnolls ate our allies when we weren't looking.
    Not for any particular reason, they were just hungry and gnolls.
    Yeah, as far as i'm concerned F this i'm outta here is a perfectly reasonable end for that questline. Didn't help that the guy was comically incompetent on top of evil.

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