Long story short - we are a group of 5 of people total that are looking to join a guild together for mythic raiding and more. We're a mix of IRL friends and mates who have played together for several years and are looking for somewhere to continue that long term, and hopefully make some new mates too.

We are looking for a guild that has:
- NZT friendly raiding hours (preferably 6-9pm server time or earlier)
- a focus on mythic prog/CE
- not Friday/Saturday raiding (unless optional)

Among the 5 of us, 3 have several CE's experience and have raided in various top 10-20 FM guilds while the other 2 have raided high end mythic. We are of course more than happy to prove our ability and earn our spots in a mythic progression team. We are all reliable raiders and we know what comes with pushing high end mythic, and aren't ones for drama or guild hopping - we just want to hit some bosses and get cool loot with mates.

The classes/specs we are looking to play are:

Holy Paladin
Paladin (any spec)
Death Knight / Warlock (maintaining both)
Warrior (any spec)

If you are still recruiting and are interested in 5 dedicated, experienced mythic raiders who are looking for a long term SL (and beyond) guild, hit me up for more details.
My battle.net ID is Asherak#1642, and discord is Asherak#5266

Cheers for your time