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    November 21st Teaser

    November 21st Teaser
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    I assume this is for a new character so first thing that came to mind was Hogger. Reminds me of Elwynn Forest.
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    Yaaaaay, new character. What we have here. Sword, some armor and skeleton of the deep sea murloc. So it's probably WoW character, maybe Naga?

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    This looks like the skeleton on the fishing artifact... Nat pagle.

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    its kogmaw from league

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    Fishing artifact weapon from Legion if this is anything but Nat Pagle i'll be suprised.

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    Nat Pagle, that Rambo guy from Redridge, or Hemet.

    ONE OF THESE 3!!!!

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    Hmmm, no clue yet. There's been talk of Hogger on Reddit but NotBelial is part of it so lol can't trust it. Also hope this comes with the xmas event, been saving my shards!
    Must be a zoomed in section of a bigger reveal. Season ends in like a week, should be soon!

    P.S. Pagle would be weird. I mean a fisherman? An angler? whatever he's called, I just cant see it. A kit based all on fishing? Maybe if they hadn't added Qhira. Her kit would have easily adopted to a fishing pole instead with grapple etc.

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    Blizz often puts red herrings in their teasers to mislead, think of the Mei teaser for example.

    The murloc skull is a clue and a red herring, it makes you believe it's Nat Pagle due to the Fishing Artifact but to the left is a sword which represents the Human racial Sword Specialisation, with Hogger being located in Elwynn Forest, and to the right is shoulderpads identical to what Hogger wears in Retail.

    The skull is a clue also as Hogger's aggro quote is "More skulls to feed on"

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