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    Ele viable in SL?

    Leveling one and they feel great. Topping meters and earthshock hits like a truck. Does it still do that at 60 for those in beta?

    Is ele top tier dps?

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    It is viable, but definetly not top tier atm.
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    I've been performing quite well in my Heroics and Mythics so far. We are mid-tier single target but in 2-4 target cleave we're really strong maybe one of the strongest. Mileage varies depending on Lava Surge procs and how well you can juggle multiple Flame Shocks to keep the procs rolling but overall damage mixed with how mobile we are puts us in a good spot for Nathria. Definitely viable although you'll rarely be top of the meters.

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    After a week in of running all my mythics and spamming heroics to get my last few upgrades for next week

    Single target we are great, not top teir, but for sure viable. I'd say just above mid teir with great procs

    2 - 4 targets is where we really shine. Spreading flame shock and hopefully you took necrolord covenant, with good procs you can melt small packs and getting your primordial wave conduit feels REALLY good but takes a little getting used to weaving between when to flame shock when to lava burst and when to primordial wave.

    On bigger trash pulls is where ele shamans really fall short from what i experienced. Chain lightning does not hit very hard and by the time you cast earthquake the pack is almost dead from all the other classes destroying them making it almost not worth casting EQ, im hoping this is just an early gearing thing, and with trash packs livving a little longer it should get better as we are able to cast 2 maybe three earthquakes per pack.

    Burst AoE is a whole different thing if you take echoing shock and storm keeper making chain lighting overload on all targets twice making us VERY strong on bigger trash pulls, but the CD on Storm keeper is a bit to long in my opinion, Still your go to talent in all scenarios, a slight rework making storm keeper more AoE based and Ascendance single target base would fix all that, or even slightly buffing chain lightning to do more damage or generate more maelstrom, or a little of both. ( maybe chain lightning generates twice the amount of maelstorm if it hits all 4 possible targets. or do more damage the more targets it hits up to the 8 cap blizzard wants to enforce so much)

    So to stay on topic, ele is perfectly average in SL

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