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    Is there any way to sent up drop spells to cast under your character?

    Title says it all

    I play using the consoleport addon. and using the thumbstick to position the target circle for casting drop spells is a pain

    I'm trying to find a way to set up so that spells like:

    death knight's death and decay
    demon hunter metamorphosis
    shaman Capacitor Totem and earthquake
    and some hunter traps

    are cast under my character instead of me having to drop the spell at a target location.

    someone on discord mentioned using a macro to do it but i dont know much about macros

    any ideas?

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    /cast [@player] blahblah

    [@cursor] if you want place at mousecursor

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    so just replace blahblah with the spell.

    does player need to be replaced with my characters name or just leave it as player?

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    [@player] and [@cursor] macro conditionals work for ground effects, however note you can not do [@target] or anything of the like for these.

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    Works perfectly much thanks

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