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    It's almost like they're dead to you.
    Almost like they're undead...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBogina View Post
    Almost like they're undead...

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    She burned a city full of civilians for the greater good. You heard it here, folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lukyl View Post
    Just read this comment on youtube; "Sylvannas plan is to tear down the actual shadowlands system. She thinks is not fair that you dont have freedom choose your fate when you die, and instead remain slave of a Covenant for the rest of the eternity. She wants freedom, not
    servitude or torture after death. Thats why she has been enpowerign the jailer all this time, by feeding the maw with souls (thats why she started the bfa war, to kill and empower the maw). Because only the jailer can help sylvanas to achieve her goal."
    (lous F.R)

    And it holds enough truth to it that it seems really likely by the end of her arc and plans being revealed, it will come full circle where we as a onlooker couldn't see the end goal good she was doing for us and it required sacrifices we saw as evil blah blah. Resulting in her being labeled an Anti Hero for freeing us from death or something along those lines.

    Atleast thats my prediction by end of SL right now..
    In other words she has ordered countless deaths and she doesn't want to end up in hell....typical selfish Sylvanas

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soon-TM View Post
    Oh, there can be little doubt at this point that we're absolutely getting an Illidan 2.0... The question is whether it is going to be Arthas or Sylvie. Both are looking like perfect candidates
    I don't think Sylvanas is being angled for that. Golden Boi is shown disagreeing with her, and he's all that is good in this world and beyond. She's a baddie, I think, the question is more will they keep her on ice to break her out so she can then get her redemption in like 3 to 5 xpacks, or kill the hype-driving golden goose that she is permanently. Then again with how cavalier Blizzard has been with character deaths at this point even if we get a certificate written in triplicate by every member of the Shadowlands claiming that she's permanently, positively, 100% dead there's still a chance she could come back anyway.

    Arthas is definitely getting some measure of redemption. There the question is, will it be something we can stomach or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bagina View Post
    I just want to see a badass full HD cinematic of them fighting, no holds barred. See Tyrande slap Sylvanas around a little. They'd win so many people back with that Oh boy!
    Yes, though i would not be a fan of a one-sided fight, but it would be really cool to have them fight, though i would not like if Tyrande wins only because Elune interrupt, just Tyrande winning cause Tyrande

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