Hello folk! Myself and a few friends have returned to WoW after taking a break on the last tier of BFA, and we’re creating a guild to start building a small community as we did during MoP. We have successfully progressed through each tier on Mythic, and wish to do so again in Shadowlands.

During MoP we created a community that was bustling and always active without being a cesspool guild, so there was always someone you KNEW around to play the game with. We want to recreate this, and progress through Mythic raids.

We have an officer position available for someone who has the experience, preferably a healing officer.

We are growing steadily every day, and are ready to raid when tier 1 releases!

Raid times will be Friday and Saturday, 10pm-1am Eastern.

If you’d like to join up and help us rebuild that old school guild where everyone is a familiar face, hit me up on the bnet app at Weric#11336.