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    Microsoft's Windows is 35 years old!

    Microsoft's Windows is now 35 years old!


    Windows 1.0 was first released on November 20th, 1985.

    I grew up with Windows as did everyone else in the world. It is the world's most popular operating system, by far. It is the only operating system I know. Windows is my life.

    Windows is awesome!
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    I have a lot of fond memories of Windows.

    3.1 was out when I first started using a computer. I was too young to remember the finer details of it, but I learned how to use a computer and learned basic DOS commands back then.

    Windows 95 was on the first computer that my family bought. This was the glory days back when the internet was fresh and new. Gaming was amazing back then too and I spent countless hours playing random shareware games, Warcraft 2, Starcraft, Doom, Quake, and other amazing games.

    Windows XP was probably my favorite OS of all time. It was just so different but worked so well. This was also the time where I bought my first computer, a Duron 1300 with 256mb of ram and an ATI 7500. Lost of mistakes were made and lessons learned in this era and computer hardware. Like when I bought an ATI 9200 128mb, and then a few months later bought a Geforce 5200 256mb because I thought more ram = faster card.

    Windows Vista wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. The timing was bad. OEMs like Dell and Compaq where churning out junk computer likes crazy of the last 5 years and every household had a Pentium 4 based computer in it. Vista was too resource-heavy to play nice on these older Dells and most of the other companies that made hardware at the time long abandoned driver support in hopes that people would upgrade their computers. Things like printers stopped working because the manufacturer stopped making drivers for them. Rightfully so in most cases since the hardware for most of this stuff was going on 10 years old. I started my hobby as a pc builder at this time and picked up a job at a place called PC-Club. I had some good times building pcs and working in the industry and that influenced where I am now as a hobbyist builder and database administrator for a profession.

    Windows 7 was pretty close in terms of my favorite OS. I wish they would offer paid support for it to consumers. I don't mind Windows 10 as much as some people do but I'd go back to 7 in a heartbeat if they opened support to it.

    Windows 10. Here we are now. Honestly, this is my least favorite OS out of the bunch. Its not bad, it just is too much. I would rather install features that I need on top of an operating system than have a huge bloated bundle of stuff I wont use built-in. I still use it, mostly because I have to. Even as a Linux enthusiast, gaming support just isn't there yet. It is what it is though Windows 10 works well enough I guess.
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