View Poll Results: What class are you taking in first tomorrow?

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  • Warrior

    19 8.12%
  • Paladin

    25 10.68%
  • Death Knight

    20 8.55%
  • Shaman

    19 8.12%
  • Hunter

    20 8.55%
  • Druid

    28 11.97%
  • Rogue

    6 2.56%
  • Monk

    22 9.40%
  • Demon Hunter

    15 6.41%
  • Mage

    15 6.41%
  • Priest

    24 10.26%
  • Warlock

    21 8.97%
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    Fury Warrior - Night Fae

    I don't do anything beyond the occasional LfR-run, so i won't have to bother with extreme min-maxing, and since my Warrior is a Night elf, it's a good thematic fit.

    The covenants will be riding a roller-coaster of buffs and nerfs before long anyway, so i just pick the one i personally like best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doffen View Post
    Necrolord Frost Death Knight
    we all do somes mistakes

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    Warrior - Fury - Necrolords or Venthyr (leaning towards Necrolords since my troll will be able to wear boots then!)

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    Druid aiming for Night Fae.

    As usual, this Druid is my main since its creation in BC and she is first to everything, be it new zone, current max level, best gear. Nothing changes for Shadowlands, first to ascend is my Druid. And Night Fae is an obvious choice.

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    Priest. Still not sure on covenant. Kyrian, probably. Necrolord if I don't despise them when questing through it, just because it's better for Holy. But otherwise, Kyrian.

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    Feral Druid - Venthyr

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheramoreIsTheBomb View Post
    [Don't ask anyone in the thread for someone to pick your class/spec for you. It's against the rules.]
    What class are you taking in first tomorrow and comment what covenant.

    I'm still undecided between two specs -- Shadow and Fury.
    Shadow - Necrolord
    Fury -- Venthyr.

    How about you guys? What will YOU pick.
    After being in beta for two months and try evry covenant doing their campaign etc,.: demon hunter and kyrian covenant, I like everything about it, story, abilities , stes, mounts and conduits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaintk View Post
    we all do somes mistakes
    True, sucks for those who can't choose what they really want.
    Lying about being a CE raider and claim the 10 last Cutting Edge's while buying all of them must be the saddest thing on these forums.

    Apparently exposing liars is NOT okay.

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    what a strange result... must be either small sample or poor forum representation

    because as of now the results are:

    monks are more popular than hunter, warrior and mage

    rogues are the least popular class

    warlocks are almost double than mages

    demon hunters are scarce

    the only thing this poll seems to have gotten right is that druids are massively popular

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    As usual I will two box my guardian and resto druids, with three guild mates filling up the group.

    I use two gaming laptops side by side, with the healer on follow.

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    Pally. New main for SL.

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    Fury Warrior - Venthyr

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    Im still torn between DK for 2H Frost, Disc Priest, or Survival Hunter. I have no clue what Covenant to pick as I have no idea what each even do so Ill just figure that out as I play the xpac. But if there is a covenant that provides a Movement boost Ill pick that on my Dk because they are so damn slow.
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    Shadow priest necrolord as 1st
    Arms warrior venthyr as 2nd
    Later probably ele sham or pala.

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    Monk or pally. Still thinking about it. Covenant...kyrian or venthyr.

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    MM Hunter - Bastion
    It's a mobile and fun ranged spec and I like the simple zone

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    My elemental shaman. Just got him to 50 last week, and got him some decent leveling gear thanks to the death rising event. Haven't decided on which covenant yet.

    Also apparently no one plays rogues now? RIP.

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    well my "main" is my Ret Pally, and I'll be going Kyrian. Though depending on how things are running today I might only just get all my toons through the initial start up phase, get them to Oribos and update professions, set hearthstones, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrsohta View Post
    MM Hunter - Bastion
    It's a mobile
    I thought MM was the "Rooted" spec and you can not move and dps at the same time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Courierrawr View Post
    My elemental shaman. Just got him to 50 last week, and got him some decent leveling gear thanks to the death rising event. Haven't decided on which covenant yet.

    Also apparently no one plays rogues now? RIP.
    I used to main rogue and it was just falling off for me, but the nail in the coffin... DHs.

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