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    Have you ever had internet fame?

    In anyway

    On a comment I made on MOTD Facebook it got 1k likes.

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    Only afew YouTube comments that got afew thousands of likes.
    Honestly I wouldn’t want to be internet famous cause people be crazy. I remember stories of internet celebrities getting stalked,threatened or even swatted.

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    My only claim to internet fame is trolling the Team Fortress 2 community with the following.

    It's the only video on my account that has over 1000 views let alone 100,000 views. It's kinda funny and sad. But then again, I am not a youtuber anyway.

    I still think it's stupid people gave "vintage" weapons a high trading value only because of "vintage" and the name text is a different color than a "normal" weapon. There's nothing else different about vintage.

    Oh well, many people don't agree with me.
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    I made a popular post talking about Guy Savoy on Reddit once. Otherwise, no.

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    The only 'net famous are on Instagram getting paid.

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    I'm well known in a few WoW communities (and my one youtube video I ever made I got recognized by some of those people) but I don't think that necessarily counts.
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    Nope, even though I've wanted it badly.

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    Not really. I made a couple of YouTube comments that got thousands of likes. That's about it.

    edit: One of my friends in a multiplayer game was on Twitch and streamed some stuff we did. This friend was not "super rich with millions of followers and getting thousand dollar donations every few minutes" popular, but iirc, there were about a hundred people watching. So that kind of counted, I guess.
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    never dick crazy.
    unless they have tentacles and more then 2 eyes.

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    I felt a shameful amount of glee at getting 13k likes on a comment on an ERB video. That isn't fame but it's as close to what was being discussed as I come.
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    in the early days of Morrowind I made a tower out of a hundred or so stolen pillows in the middle of Balmora and posted some screenshots on the TES forums, it was quite popular and developed a few imitations including a mod to add such a tower

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    I made a few comments on Youtube before that made hundreds and thousands of likes.

    That's about it.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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