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    Lightbulb How to Heal: Shadowlands Dungeons Megathread

    Hello my name is Andrew, you can call me Cookiez. I started playing wow in legion, and since then I have raided at a top 100 US level for the majority of BFA and I have played at a moderate level in mythic+ which I plan to up my game on moving into shadowlands. My youtube and twitch channels are focused around healer content, the unique appeal I have going is that I want to create content that the majority of players just don't have the means to access in the current state of healer content on youtube and twitch. I want to create content that challenges players to be better, this includes log reviews of my own gameplay but also viewer logs. Mythic+ VoD analysis in both PuG keys and more organized high keys. Other than this I would like to cover various discussion topics such as positioning, downtime, and the thought process that goes into pushing the limits of your role as a healer.

    Game Related Links
    Raider IO profile
    Warcraft Logs(unfortunately I've hopped around a few characters and servers over the duration of the xpac, so I never hit anything consistent to show)
    Progress History
    Uldir - 8/8M (US ~110) Guild: Onslaught-Proudmoore
    BoD - 9/9M (US ~130) Guild: Onslaught-Proudmoore
    CoS - 1/2M
    EP - 5/8M (US 52) / 8/8M (US ~110) Guild: FASTz-Illidan / Guild: Occasional Excellence-Turalyon
    Nya - Inactive

    Platform Links
    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOv..._as=subscriber
    Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/moarcookiezlive
    Discord: https://discord.gg/ZjJuJkc

    Below within the replies of this thread I will be posting a overview and link to each of the eight new dungeons within the Shdaowlands expansion. These are not full on guides of listing every ability from the dungeon journal, instead this is focused on what you need to know as a healer going into each encounter and can be used as an easy way to memorize and understand these fights from the perspective of a healer after going through them once or twice on your own.

    Theater of Pain
    This dungeon is one of my favorites so far. I love the athstetic and the variation of boss encounters within. They are all really unique and full of flavor while the final boss is a near cinematic experience.

    An Affront of Challengers
    The difficulty of this encounter is going to be very dependant on your party doing their jobs. As a healer you can power through some of these mechanics like the various cast that target random players each time, but the higher you go in key level, the more coordinated things will need to be to ensure this boss doesn't end up being a blockade before you've even started the dungeon.

    Simple to understand and a fun boss that provides a bit of challenge in dealing with adds while having moving components to the fight.

    Xav the Unfallen
    This fight is really cool, lots of cool mechanics but just talking about this from a healer perspective you still have so much going on and I really enjoy the mix of the tank taking heavy damage, right into the chaos of groupwide damage and avoidable mechanics that are again overlapped by an interrupt you need to watch out for. Its a very engaging boss with little to no downtime, you are always needing to prep a few steps ahead for the next hit.

    I think this fight will prove to be one of the more difficult boss encounters in this instance. The dispellable debuffs hit incredibly hard and there is always a lingering threat to players whos defensives are all used up.

    Mordretha, the Endless Empress
    10/10, this boss feels like a raid boss within a dungeon and its so fun. This is going to be the boss that replaces the feeling of last boss of Siege of Boralus on Tyrannical weeks... but hopefully in a good way.

    This dungeon received a lot of negative feedback over the duration of the beta, and I think it will continue to be looked down at during bolstering weeks especially. But I find the dungeon overall enjoyable and I think the first and last bosses are exceptional in terms of design.

    Sanguine Depths
    I think this will be another dungeon that is a bit feared by the majority on Tyrannical weeks. Each of these bosses are going to scale to be pretty lethal as the key level goes up, with this in mind I enjoy the dungeon a lot especially if we focus on looking at the bosses (cause the trash has yet to appeal to me much in Sanguine Depths).

    Halls of Atonement

    De Other Side

    Mist of Tirna Scithe

    The Necrotic Wake

    Spires of Ascension
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    Quite an undertaking, not sure forums are the best format of this the more your content grows. But there are other options out there depending on your own dedication of course.

    Best of luck as a tank I find it interesting to know where healers might struggle in dungeons so I'll keep my eyes on these considering you'll include the pug runs.
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    Such time and effort to put into such a post only for it to be closed for self-advertisement.

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    Go away and take your shameful self-advertisement with ya.

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    I sent this to the moderator of the forum and was given the clear before posting. Sorry if it upsets you that I am trying to help as many players as possible.

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    Good stuff. Nice to see instructional videos that don't include the seemingly mandatory 10-15 minutes of rambling.

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