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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaganite View Post
    I honestly thought I imagined the priest part. I was 13 when I started playing (now 29) and I couldn't remember if it was just something I thought of.

    I remember when we didnt have portals and it took the best part of an hour to get to Deadmines at level 16 if you were a night elf
    Yeah. Humans had desperate prayer, dwarves were op'ly broken with fear ward, night elves had some arcane damage starfall like thing, trolls had a lightning shield but with shadow damage, undead had devouring plague.

    OT: Nothing but caster form till 10, bear form till 20, 0 energy when you shifted, couldn't talk to npcs in form, forms took most of your mana, melee'ing as balance to regain mana.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LostSinclair View Post
    Having to 'mine' mineral nodes multiple times to get all of the resources out of it. Staying stuck in looting said minerals for minutes out of spite because some asshole was trying to move in on the node.

    Being basically invincible in battlegrounds as a paladin even though I was under geared, under leveled and a complete pants on head idiot at the game at the time.
    The old adage. It takes an army to kill a paladin and an army of paladins to kill anything.
    The most difficult thing for people to do is objectively look at something they don't like and be able to accept that it is not bad, that other people like it, and if it was changed to the way they'd like it that other people would not like it and want it changed back. The second most is to receive something they didn't want or ask for and be grateful for it, not immediately demand what they wanted instead.

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    I am so old I was playing Warcraft 2 multiplayer on a 14400 baud dial up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orsraunia View Post
    I am so old I was playing Warcraft 2 multiplayer on a 14400 baud dial up.
    You're saying you're old enough to be a medieval man?

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    I'm so old I remember being able to play for 12hrs straight with no wife or kids that magically turned that number into 27minutes (on a good day).

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    bullets... so many, many bullets...

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    Field Marshal Zalatoby's Avatar
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    I'm so old I remember telling my son he's too young to play the game.
    He's now a better raider than I am...

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    - talent trees
    - druid quests for forms
    - warlock shards as non stackable items
    - hunter arrows/bullets
    - speaking of hunter/warlock: getting first pet/demon at lvl 10
    - in general, lvl 10 was special as you get some iconic skill/ability
    - priest endless wand-ing after going OOM after 2-3 casts
    - OOM itself, anyone remember that?
    - mana breaks in dungeons
    - running till 40, later lowered to 30
    - one spec for life, respec possible at trainer for an exorbitant cost
    - selling all the graey items and amassing 20s from it
    - having 1g total AFTER visiting trainer
    - spells were bought, not auto learned
    - spell ranks (warlock health tap rank 1 to get a buff trick)
    - weapon skills

    and the absolute best:
    - ding! in /1

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    I'm so old I remember eating carbon from fissure vents in order to satisfy an evolutionary need.

    ... too much?
    I did not hit that snowmound, it's not true! It's bullshit, I did not hit it. I did NAHT.
    Oh hai Yeti

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    I'm so old that I remember my hunter pet having a xp bar

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    I remember when the lack of QOL features was part of the experience of playing a MMO at the time, and was considered "normal".

    All the tedious aspects of wow were legacy features of Everquest.

    Thankfully, all that crap is long gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaymer77 View Post
    I remember having to help my warlock friend farm a full bag of shards before every raid and also being the lock who had to farm shards for the raid too.
    The shard grinds. <3

    My memory is a bit hazy (except for remembering how tedious it was), but didn't you also need to get the killing blow with drain soul to get a shard, making it hard for people to assist in the grind?

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    I remember when 500g was a lot. And real talent trees where a thing. Terrible drop rates, terrible respawnrates.

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    I'm so old I remember when everything was a slog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by october breeze View Post
    I am so old that I remember Dune II..
    Which inspired old Blizz guys to make WarCraft 1 and WarCraft 2...
    Which was the basis of WarCraft III...
    Which was the whole foundation of WoW...

    So, all hail Westwood Studios! RIP
    Lol! I played DuneII back in the 90s at work, won against my boss He didn't like it, haha.
    We played Lost Wikings there, too ...

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    Looking up on thotbot to see where to go for a quest. Lol

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    I'm so old, I remember when WoW had extended maintance every Wednesday that I was not working.

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    Fond memory in TBC - leveling my BM hunter in Un'Goro crater, chasing a Gnome Warlock with my Troll Hunter on mounts - he gets dismounted when running through puddle, because Gnomes are short and mounts couldn't swim, he proceeds to cast Fear, I press Bestial Wrath - immune to fear, big red kitty shreds him.
    My nickname is "LDEV", not "idev". (both font clarification and ez bait)

    yall im smh @ ur simplified english

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    I'm so old I remember when Blizzard actually engaged with the community art creators and there were machinima contests on a regular basis.

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    Using mail armor as low-medium level warrior and punching mobs on Burning Steppes to increase my hand to hand (unarmed) skill
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokkuman View Post
    Using mail armor as low-medium level warrior and punching mobs on Burning Steppes to increase my hand to hand skill
    I remember my priest punching murloc's at Lakeshire to max out the unarmed skill

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