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    Quote Originally Posted by chris100185 View Post
    When the boat from Menethil harbor to Auberdine was glitched and would just drop people in the middle of the ocean, eventually they just removed the boat and made it a teleport.
    Oh man, captain placeholder. If you haven't, look up the song that was made in tribute to him.

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    I'm so old, i remember choosing my class only looking at the game rules book from the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tas View Post
    I'm so old, I remember when WoW had extended maintance every Wednesday that I was not working.
    I remember back when you got credited one day for the games' extended downtime on a regular basis.

    I remember when the games' music composers were actually mentioned in the game credits. R.I.P.

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    Thottbot as the one and true source of knowledge.

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    The original Night Elf epic mount was a pure white cat, called Reins of the Ancient Frostsaber. Got removed from the game in patch 1.4, exactly 1 week before i finally collected the 1000 gold. I still can't get over missing that beauty and i passionately hate every new cat model with saddle since that.

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    im so old i remember hunters and rogues usin bucklers. and also rogues havin to gain stealth skillups may be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggroll View Post
    I remember back when you got credited one day for the games' extended downtime on a regular basis.

    I remember when the games' music composers were actually mentioned in the game credits. R.I.P.
    Wish they would have kept this around. Work overnight on the east coast, maintenance time is during my only play time. Drives me insane when they say 1 hour and it ends up being like 5 but they only update it when the hour is almost up
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    There were advertisements in Gamepro and Computer Gaming Monthly magazine for this new game called World of Warcraft coming soon. Cool. Welp back to UO and EQ grinding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by october breeze View Post
    I am so old that I remember Dune II..
    Which inspired old Blizz guys to make WarCraft 1 and WarCraft 2...
    Which was the basis of WarCraft III...
    Which was the whole foundation of WoW...

    So, all hail Westwood Studios! RIP
    Man, Dune II had some amazing music. To this day, I have a Dosemu setup with the .ADL files of the original music I extracted, which after a long search I found are only played accurately by a small DOS utility called RDOSPlay!

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    I remember as a hunter taming pets to learn their special skills. Feeding pets, to keep them happy. Bags full of ammunition.

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    when I had my bags full of arrows as I was a hunter, or souls with my warlock. When I forgot feeding mu hunter pet and she went away from me, you had to feed your pets to make them happy and stay with you. And when nobody in my realm was 60 as blizzard created the spanish servers for spaniard players and all of us create a char in those new realms
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fewane View Post
    The shard grinds. <3

    My memory is a bit hazy (except for remembering how tedious it was), but didn't you also need to get the killing blow with drain soul to get a shard, making it hard for people to assist in the grind?
    NO thankfully. You just had to drain soul before it died which is why locks used to always drain soul on trash inside raids to replenish their shards.

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    Some are not that old, but what I don't miss at old as a hunter is to not being able to shot at melee range (that's nº1), laying traps at melee range and having a bag occuped by ammunition or pet food... but I miss for example having to do an attunement to get into a raid. The onyxia's lair attunement is one of the best experiences I can remember about.

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    The Gates of Ahn Qiraj opening.

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    The Blizzard website that tracked amusing statistics the weekly "most lethal enemies" (Moonbrook casters almost always on the top 10) or the "most auctioned item".

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    Hunter pets that abandoned you didn't feed them and such.
    My greatest fear is that one day, my MMO-Champion ignore list will run out of space.

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    I remember patch 1.10 'Storms of Azeroth' which introduced weather in game, patch 1.11 and Scourge invasion which was pretty hard to do.
    Also STV was called 'Vietnam' back then, and for a reason.
    And of course nice tactic to pull Baron Geddon via hunter's pet to the Garr's place in MC. Was fun.

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    Old talent trees i mean really old for example arcane explosion casting time reduction.

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    I remember the countless times paladins got their talents reset in Vanilla due to tree revamps.

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    Hunters kiting devilsaurs n thunderaan to crossroads to scare the lowbies.

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