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    Quote Originally Posted by OneTripleZero View Post
    Grinding weapon skill.
    *PTSD flashbacks*

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    When hunters had to carry around ammo in their ammo bags. Still remember the one time I ran out mid-dungeon and I had to go into town real quick to get more.

    When you had to actually level up your skill in different weapon types to actually use them.

    When servers felt like small neighborhoods. You'd actually get familiar with the people on that server and was able to connect with people much easier. Miss those days a lot.

    When you had to spam general and trade chat for hours to get people for dungeons. Don't miss that at all.

    When soul shards for warlocks were actual items you had to stock up on.

    When WoW felt like an actual RPG adventure filled with danger and mystery.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    I am so old, WOW didn't have GCD.....spam-tastic

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    i'm that old you needed keys to enter instances :|

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    I'm so old I remember when mmos including wow werent even invented yet.

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    I remember, probably wrong because its been years, when you could have thick/thin humans.
    Me thinks Chromie has a whole lot of splaining to do!

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    I purposefully got "100,000 dishonorable kills" by killing fleeing civilians of Gnomergon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggroll View Post
    Lol! I played DuneII back in the 90s at work, won against my boss He didn't like it, haha.
    We played Lost Wikings there, too ...
    Man, The Lost Vikings was awesome for its time. When I saw them in HOTS, I didn't even know that it was made by old Blizzard.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by cybernoid View Post
    Man, Dune II had some amazing music. To this day, I have a Dosemu setup with the .ADL files of the original music I extracted, which after a long search I found are only played accurately by a small DOS utility called RDOSPlay!
    You mean the beep, beeeeep, beeeep! That's what I remember!
    Ah, sorry, the sound card was not part of motherboard back in those days!

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    I remember the times that gear was relevant in pvp.

    Nowadays you could have no gear and still in theory do and take equal damage to that of a maxed out player.

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    When wow had no Achievements..

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    Blink through dungeon entrances

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    "... discs and boxes!"
    Need Roll - 1 for [Bright Pink Imbued Mageweave Banana-Hammock] by Ayirasi

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    Rpg elements.
    Challenge through interesting game design.
    Uglier art but a much better game.
    didnt feel like a polished mobile game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawon View Post
    I'm so old I remember being able to play for 12hrs straight with no wife or kids that magically turned that number into 27minutes (on a good day).
    Underrated comment lol

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    Remember when wow was a good game and not another platform for politics and fringe agendas

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    When the game had a real progression curve
    Content drought is a combination of catchup mechanics and no new content.
    Classic+ Retune/New Boss Abilities >>> #nochanges crowd

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    When the game had a real progression curve
    You mean a parallel line with some slightly curves here and there?

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    Quivers and ammunition, Mana on my Hunter. 60% mount speed being the average as no one could really afford 100%. "Dead zones" on Hunter's where they were too close for you to shoot but not close enough to melee. Itemization that had problems that required a therapist to sort out. Guilds had a purpose besides someone to chat to while you do LFG.
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    When hunter pets had a happiness level that got lower everytime they died and they could eventually abandon the hunter, and (of course) killing the pet first when ganking/corpse camping hunters

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