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    I think priests in wow are in regarding class fantasy rather boring. Light.... and a touch of void sometimes. That is it.

    Sure you can create your own fantasy like Loa-Priests and Dwarf-Stonepriests and whatnot.
    But in wow itself there is not much there.

    They are one of the essential archetypes. Like Warriors and Rouges. There is not much there for either of them.

    If there are ever going to be different storylines for different races and classes it would change it. But right now it is LIGHT... done
    (also i don't think this will ever happen, the wow team is not that strong in creating memorable quests. One or two short nice ones every expansion. Rest is boring as hell.
    I made my peace with that in TBC back then.^^

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    Either faithful adherent to whatever religion your race is (holy) or crazy cultist (shadow).

    Discipline doesn't really seem to have an identity at all. It feels like at some point it was intended to be a pseudo-monk or spiritual ascetic but they never fleshed it out

    Overall priests and rogues class fantasy was made worst by Legion imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashana Darkmoon View Post
    In PvP, priests have consistently been one of the best classes in the game since the introduction of arena in 2006. Lots of this is due to RMP, but even outside this they have been in many comps. Same with rated BGs.

    In raids, Disc and Shadow have historically been among the most coveted specs, with Disc being one of the "core trinity" with holy paladins and resto shaman for most tiers (Holy being OP is pretty new and historically rare).

    In m+, priests have been in the middleish, with Disc often being good, Holy rarely being good (but A tier for S3 an s4 of shadowlands) and shadow being mediocre but still seeing play at high level thanks to PI.

    Seeing this class as a reheaded stepchild is just wanting to feel like a victim lol
    I think you're confusing performance with fantasy there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Echeyakee View Post
    I think you're confusing performance with fantasy there.
    Well your post seemed like complaining about performance. Not sure how any class is the red-headed stepchild of "fantasy" (though the priest hall quests in legion did suck comparatively)

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