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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaver View Post
    Is it something people make themselves at home or is it a common fast food to buy like chili cheese tops?
    You can make it yourself however it's not that easy. We can buy them here frozen in supermarkets. From very low quality to top quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inoculate View Post
    You've introduced me into a whole new world of delicious sounding food, thanks!
    You're welcome
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    Take that haters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalam the Venom View Post

    Just wondering what kind of stuff you all have ready for the long night a head
    Zero moneys til' thursday so uh... nothing >_<

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    Hopefully the servers aren't shit when SL launches and I can play later tonight.
    I'd buy that for a dollar.

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    The snacks are for when I wake up at 10 AM again. Hopefully that means I've skipped the worst server issues.

    Snacks include:

    Cloudberry Glögg
    Pre-packaged Chocolate Milk (I looove it)
    Lots and lots of ice cube trays for ice water. I drink a lot of that stuff.

    A macaroni/tuna/tomato/cucumber/cubed cheese-salad, eaten cold with just some dressing. Easy, quick and sooooo good.
    A bag of cheeze balls.
    A bag of doritos
    Chicken slices on rye sandwiches, ready to go
    A 300 gram bag of pre-cooked chicken meatballs that I can just eat cold. Great snack, low in fat, doesn't stick the fingers and sooo goood.
    A bar of dark chocolate with honey roasted almonds
    A big bag of natural cashews
    Haribo gummy bears... Such a random purchase.

    That's it, really. I regret getting the doritos, gummy bears and cheeze balls as I'm never ever going to eat those at the desk. I.Hate.Sticky/Dusty.Fingers. I'll eat those as I watch a movie later in the week/next week.

    Oh, and I have a 600 gram bag of chicken nuggets in the freezer! They CANNOT be compared to those one gets at the fast food chains, they're absolutely top notch!! Made in the oven, allowed to rest, eat.

    But I don't see myself eating those, I'll save them for a family evening.
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    So much water.
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