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    Kinda glad he's gone, never liked the guy after WoD. On another note haven't heard anything about ghostcrawler in a while.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Why is it that people have a problem with Golden and not the other writers?
    Beats me. Just seems like she is the scapegoat for all their frustrations with the direction and plots they dont like.

    I remember Knaak receiving similar treatment , although his criticism was based on how he wrote the stories and the plots, not the actual plots and direction of the lore.

    These mofos are blaming Golden for the direction of the lore and outcomes even if some ideas came from her, the ones who decide whether it goes in to the game or not are the ones their anger should be directed at for bad plots.

    You can dislike Golden for how she portrays Anduin, but she didnt decide Anduin would be a goodly priest, she is told his character by those who govern and are responsible for these things then ask writers to bring it out.

    I'm sure the writer can contribute and influence how the development takes place with their own ideas, but its others who determine whether those ideas become a part of the lore, so the buck lies with them even in that scenario, and not o e of these mofos can tell if any lore idea they dont like originates from Golden herself.

    U see no way she is to blame for them not liking the lore

    Hold her accountable for her writing style if you must, but not thi gs you cant prove she does or does not and that she has no authority to determine in the game..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ravenmoon View Post
    Your post is completely pointless, because if you red anything other than the post you responded to, you would know that Golden isnt the only writer being blamed.

    Unless you willfully ignore it, like you have a tendency to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurkan View Post
    Lol, have you been to the forums? Steve Danuser is the main scapegoat.
    mayyyybe because he is the lead narrative designer...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    O rly?
    The medical profession would like to have a word with you.
    Well you are techincally a docter after your University. Sure you have todo like atleast 4-5 additional years to become a specialist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SirBeef View Post
    Ahh yes because people hated a man it's impossible to hate the woman because she's woman. That's just a bad as the I can't be racist I have a Black friend defense.
    Uh-huh. Because when people claim they criticize a writer for their writing, it's just what it is to you when that writer is a man, but when the writer just so happens to be a woman it's ermahgerd, those people are lying and it's because she has a vagina. Once again, you're reaching so hard it's not even funny anymore. There's nothing "as bad" as anything here. Because you've done absolutely jack shit to establish that Golden is singled out for being a woman and that the criticism she gets is any different than the criticism other writers get in the first place. And trying to wiggle your way out of this fact like you just did is not only utterly ineffective, it's just lazy.
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    Does the CIA pay you for your bullshit or are you just bootlicking in your free time?
    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    I'm quite tired of people who dislike something/disagree with something while attacking/insulting anyone that disagrees. Its as if at some point, people forgot how opinions work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gurkan View Post
    He wanted Garrosh to be a great warchief and was one of the only writers to write him so back in Cataclysm.
    By the way, is there any real confirmation of him leaving?
    He moved to Titan team after patch 4.1. And then Kosak took over. Metzen had always hated Garrosh.This was the main reason they changed Garrosh in MoP. totally a murder.

    Afrasiabi:Garrosh was one of those ones where Metzen and I actually sat down, we are like we need Grommash’s kid. He is going to be in Nagrand, and he has a destiny that we need to fulfill; and we didn’t quite know where that destiny would go, and initially we wanted to go much more heroic with Garrosh.

    Afrasiabi:I think it starts with Garrosh. When we first made Garrosh back in Burning Crusade, I remember Metzen and I sitting down -- and I did Nagrand, Garrosh was my guy...

    Metzen: I would say Garrosh remaining Warchief ... his term as Warchief was always going to be ... brief. Bringing him up, you know, Alex Afrasiabi created this character for Outland, hanging out in Garadar, and he was just written so well.

    Metzen: That would be telling. Is he daddy's son, or can he straighten out? (Interesting that it was phrased that way). A theme that Blizzard is really trying to push, actually. They know and appreciate that Garrosh is a "contentious" character. He's part of a far larger storyline including Thrall ("And dammit, I like talking about guys like Thrall. He's the most important person on Azeroth."), who is a pivotal character. Thrall had a great bit in Nagrand but Metzen doesn't think they've actually used him to his potential. The whole Garrosh deal actually has a lot to do with Thrall.

    References Christie Golden's "The Shattering." Sees Thrall as a Clark Kent-type character, good guy who may not really know his true strength. "He's never taken the time to just grow," was pushed into leadership very young. Metzen sees Garrosh used as a counterpoint to Thrall, the former as a hothead against someone who thinks. Ultimately, Garrosh "is the foil to Thrall." Don't get fixated on Garrosh; the story's not ultimately about him. Thinks this is going to be some of the best storytelling that WoW has ever done. "If you love the Horde today, how much more will you love it when you need to fight for it?"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Why is it that people have a problem with Golden and not the other writers?
    Did you miss the Danuser hate train that's been in full speed for the past like, year or more?

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    I like Christie Golden's direction with the story and it is fine if some of you don't. I think its better than the sunwell raid spawned from a manga.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Al Gorefiend View Post
    I like Christie Golden's direction with the story and it is fine if some of you don't. I think its better than the sunwell raid spawned from a manga.
    It’s not goldens’s direction she pretty much just does cut scenes shorts books ect, form the sound of her tweets. it would be Danuser’s leading things and the game team calling the shots and then golden is part of the team that fills out there orders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowferal View Post
    Why is it that people have a problem with Golden and not the other writers?
    its not just golden that is hated. Warcrimes i think is consider the last okay book by Golden by people.
    I know a few were not happen with some rectons on forsaken lore and what happened with Calia.
    the report systems sucks and the mods are bias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    Give a proof that Golden is hated just because she is a woman instead of being talentless hack.
    Meh, I wouldn't have bothered with that. After all, for some folks ITT it's easier to play the knight-in-shining-armour routine, rather than providing actual arguments.
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