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    Quote Originally Posted by Greengrim View Post
    I have to admit, this must be the smoothest launch ever! Last night in EU, and 1 hour later (the point I went to sleep), there was 0 ping, disconnects, queues.

    When the prepatch came and the game was almost unplayable in some zones I was like "shit, here we go again, when will they learn". But last night was so smooth, it almost looked like it wasn't a big deal.

    Don't know how this went down for other regions/people, but this time I congratulate Blizzard.
    Idk, have you played on kazzak? Realm constantly goes offline, 1+ hour queue that leads to a dc and back into the queue, crashing in cutscenes, massive lag input between abilities or picking up quests. It is literally a shitshow for kazzak and draenor. Might be smooth on other servers, but they really shit the bed for us who play on Kazzak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soluna View Post
    Idk, have you played on kazzak? Realm constantly goes offline, 1+ hour queue that leads to a dc and back into the queue, crashing in cutscenes, massive lag input between abilities or picking up quests. It is literally a shitshow for kazzak and draenor. Might be smooth on other servers, but they really shit the bed for us who play on Kazzak.
    Yeah , i barley had time to do 60 on kazzack on my main myself and i have to chose between playing during the day with lag ( when I am not sleeping ) or playing during the night ( when I have to wait up to almost 4 hours que and I literally mean night not evening , I enter the que at around 10 pm and get on my char in game after the que at around 2 am ) . I am forced to play on alts on lower population realm , and at the same time my guildmates who just moved from magtheridon along with the guild staff and gold and all of that... half of them got lucky and are ahead of me in gear and story progression while the other half await in que as we speak..

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    It was pretty smooth on my low pop server, but now the whole EU login server is down and no one can log in, low pop server or not.

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    Nope, BfA and Legion were flawless for me but I got disconnected after getting to Oribos and couldn't log back on for 2 hours.
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    Utmost shit launch in the world, after 90 minutes stuck I get dc'ed
    stuck at 55 forcing me to leave the guild as I cannot fill their requirements, so i've decided to fuck all and remove this game.
    after 16 years it's been great fun.

    Time for a refund!

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    First "DC and can't log back in" reporting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    I went to bed shortly after having issues with logging in, so I wouldn't know. Heard a lot of people call it smooth though. Now there's a queue to my server, 59 minutes left...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Shadowlands sold records of copies. Try again. Unless you're referring to more players giving up and going to bed where the expansion launched at night, but I doubt it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    No, not at all true. Just sad. Especially this early on.

    World of Warcraft franchise engagement is at its highest level for this stage ahead of an expansion in a decade, with Shadowlands presales well ahead of any prior expansion.

    For once, it might just be warranted to say that they did a good job with the launch.
    I wouldnt really compare shadowlands presales to that of BC, wrath, or cata...

    You have to remember, most people bought their game and installed it via a disc back then lol.. Most people didnt pre purchase. Most people didnt even purchase on release. lol

    There was no battle net balance cards.. There was no buying tokens with gold and converting it to balance, etc. There was "when my mom feels like grabbing me the disc, ill install it." lol

    Pre-sales being high means nothing.

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    Been trying to log in for 30 mins now, keep getting dc'd.

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    I'm starting to think I should have waited until after the expansion had launched with transferring my character to Draenor.

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    1 hour queue already at 2 pm in NA.

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    Got one for a while last night, can't get on today at all.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gelannerai View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardux View Post
    On NA there has been some pretty crucial queue times with estimated waits ranging from 2-4 hours in evening. Aside from that the launch has been fairly smooth.

    - - - Updated - - -

    You're obviously joking. East coast server, east coast, 4 hour queues trying to log in for launch. Same thing on second day.

    Like, what's the actual point in lying about that?
    I logged in at 530pm Server time. got in first try. no waiting. 6pm portal spawned and we went right in and started.

    Why would I lie about that. what's in it for me to do that.
    Just because you had a shitty experience, doesn't mean I did. Just because you have trouble on the first day doesn't mean everyone else is lying about NOT having a bad time.

    One thing I do not do is lie in a fucking forum. why would I give that much of a shit, about what you people think about me, that i would need to lie to complete strangers. get a better computer, get a better internet connection. Most of all, Get a fucking clue!

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    Kazzak has been pretty terrible, BFA and Legion were better for that server.

    In TBC, WotLK and Cata, I played on medium pop servers and the launches were smooth, no issues at all, apart from the game actually feeling like a mmorpg with busy areas and competition for mobs. Levelling almost feels like a single player game now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaminaris View Post
    Wod better, someone has the jokes on them...
    In WoD I tried to click the survey thing for like an hour. And them another half hour to get the trees.

    Legion BfA and SL were literally incomparable to previous expansion launches.

    Since legion i didn't experience any issues and last time launch was a disaster was WoD.
    My experience has been similar; however, I can't tell if this is just luck or if it is related to an actual marked improvement in the launch process. During the Shadowlands launch, I heard of realms being inactive and people not being able to access characters, though I'm unsure the veracity or ubiquity of these claims.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Recovery View Post
    Like I said to the other one, I'll trust the official words over the rewrites of people on a forum.
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