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  • Stormwind

    3 9.38%
  • Orgrimmar

    2 6.25%
  • Ironforge

    3 9.38%
  • Undercity

    3 9.38%
  • Darnassus

    2 6.25%
  • Thunder Bluff

    6 18.75%
  • The Exodar

    1 3.13%
  • Silvermoon City

    5 15.63%
  • Boralus

    4 12.50%
  • Dazaralor

    3 9.38%
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    Favorite faction city

    What's your favorite faction (not neutral) city?

    Mine has to be Ironforge

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    Thunderbluff, its important to have the high ground. Darnassus is a close second though.
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    In theory, Thunder Bluff.

    But it looks so hilariously dated that I never spend time there amongst its cardboard cutout-houses. I dream of how it could look utilizing modern tools, same with Mulgore. Modern lighting, textures, fog effects etc...
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    Boralus, it looks like a functional harbor city....haphazard, run down.
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    Very few, if any of these, are actual cities. My favourite "capital" hub though is easily Thunder Bluff. Always park my AH/Bank alts there. The music wins too.

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    I was a little surprised but Orgrimmar has grown on me since switching to the Horde. Stormwind is a good city and captures that "fantasy" setting. But its too bright during the days. Its beautiful and don't get me wrong, it has great aesthetics however, it's huge and so much of the city is never used properly. Now Boralus is an amazing city, very cosy.

    Orgrimmar has grown on me since switching to the Horde. It's dark and gloomy and very enjoyable.

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