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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmist View Post
    I've only played Bastion so far. It felt like 70% RP, 20% travelling and 10% actually playing.

    Never thought I'd long for the days of killing 10 of each type of bandit and collecting pristine bear arses for no fucking reason...
    Do the side quests problem solved lol

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    Why bother posting your opinion if you're not willing to hear the opposite side? That destroys whatever 'discussion' you were hoping to have. Stupid thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    Weeeellllll...I did play many many MANY games....but that was between 1985 and like life kinda changed now to the point where there was only place for one game.
    I'm the opposite. I played only WoW from about 2005 to 2012, then I branched out. But, we all have different things to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    Like the angel thing going on,the main story isnt great,rarerly do mmo's do good stories....but...visualy its a top 3 best looking zone they ever made,the music and ambiance feels amazing,kinda reminds me of genshin impact somehow

    - - - Updated - - -

    you have to be trolling,this zone looks and feels amazing,but if you are not,lemme guess,you think good looking wow zones need to be dark dank and boney/bloody or something?
    Don't get me wrong, Bastion is still better than most BFA zones, But i still found it to be a bit of a slog.

    and since i'm playing Death knight, Ofc Maldraxxus is my favorite zone <3

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    I liked Bastion a lot. It was more of a relaxing playthrough, fulfills a different need. It was actually pretty refreshing.

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    Personally I didn't like Maldraxxus compared to Bastion, for me it felt like a new area and something about Maldraxxus didn't. I will say overall the story and the quests have not been very interesting. I find myself continuing to take a lot of breaks especially when it came to Maldraxxus an yet somehow I just hit the 3rd zoned and im 1/4 away from 58..

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    For me the most boring was Maldraxxus , felt drained by the second rune acquired , knowing there were 3 more ahead.
    Only thing i disliked of bastion was Pelagos , such an annoying voice omg

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    I loved Bastion, it was super chill, stunning to look at and the voice acting was engaging.

    Also, fucking super adorable owl people, how do you not like that?

    The story was interesting, nothing ground breaking, but definitely intriguing, especially with a certain name appearing. I loved the conflict that was going on. On the one hand, I wanted to save Bastion and it's people, but on the other, I kinda agreed with the invaders saying that being forced to forget your loved ones and past memories was wrong. So it made for an interest experience going back and forth with which side I was actually rooting for.

    Add into that that some of the invaders only were following the idea that the path was wrong, not knowing they were working for the jailor, made it way more interesting.

    Honestly I'm surprised how anyone could be bored in that zone, unless you were just trying to get through it asap. In which case yeah of course you'll be bored. The entire purpose of levelling is for the story. If you ignore the story, Blizz might as well not bother putting levelling in at all and just constantly add new raids and dungeons. Which would be a terrible idea.

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    I like the skybox. Have you seen it? It's awesome.

    (But I wayyyyy preferred questing in Tiragarde to this).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deja Thoris View Post
    Bastion sucks.

    The theme is also shit. It's like fucking self doubting cult members that need to take cleansing baths every 5 minutes to something something.

    God I felt 100% the same

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    Quote Originally Posted by Season2mask View Post
    I love WoW. I've been playing it since I was 12 back in early TBC.

    Now that that's out of the way. Is anyone else finding it a real chore to play through Bastion? It looks alright, but it's also so samey. It has barely any variation in its looks. We've also done this sort of thing before. We've purified ourselves in Pandaria...we've fought similar constructs in Mac'aree (which Bastion reminds me of) I honestly expected more from Blizzard here. I really am struggling to care about doing all these Kryian trials. It's nothing new and I know in the end it won't be important. Bastion just lacks that something special that other zones have had.

    Edit: In case you feel inclined to write something like, 'People like different stuff', don't bother, you're really wasting your time. Yes, of course everything is subjective. This is my subjective opinion. It's a discussion, not an attack on your very soul. It's great that you love Bastion. I don't.
    Yes, I am struggling with it. I feel I have done it before, totally un-interesting but at least it is bright and not dark with green goo flowing around. Still at lvl 53. Hope it gets better.

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    I am not very deep into Bastion yet. I am really taking my time enjoying it. And so far, I am doing exactly that.

    Personally, I have a higher tolerance to what you call “boredom of same-samey”, at least of these type of thematics. I would personally not have minded “another elven ruin island” in Legion, that the devs so clearly objected to. Nor would I have had issues with if the entire Northrend campaign looked like Storm Peaks. Bastion is nice and chill without making me feel like a murderous monster. At least so far.

    How many edgy and cringey concepts hasn’t there been in Wow already? I personally want more of these Bastion-type zones. There is more to adventuring than slaughtering the #th cult or another elf-gone-corrupt.

    The Maw didn’t feel terrible or frightening, because it was basically Argus again. Overusing any story device will make you numb to it. Your threshold for the Bastion one was clearly hit.

    My threshold for the (what I consider the most American one, too) storytelling device of “BUT WAIT THERE IS A PLOT TWIST!!!” is seriously fed up. Nothing feels surprising in a game where they try to make everything come out of left-field.
    Tyrande was decent in Warcraft III. Why did they decide that she randomly had to become the cringiest villain of Wow?

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    Bastion is beautiful, but man do those Kyrians have a stick up their asses.

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    The zone puts me to sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lambskin View Post
    Why bother posting your opinion if you're not willing to hear the opposite side? That destroys whatever 'discussion' you were hoping to have. Stupid thread.
    Quote the part where I said I wasn't willing to hear the opposite side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalam the Venom View Post
    Don't get me wrong, Bastion is still better than most BFA zones, But i still found it to be a bit of a slog.

    and since i'm playing Death knight, Ofc Maldraxxus is my favorite zone <3
    I get people like the bone/blood/savage design of maldraxxus,but idk for me my preferences have really changed over the years,i used to think wrath looked the best,but over time i started to lean more to the high fantasy stuff and vibrant stuff,bastion,makare,ardenweald,jade forest,nagrand,that and all desert zones,i just rly like deserts,games like mad max have been a joy for me

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    Only good thing about bastion is the blue chicks

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    I'm finding the storylines in Bastion and Maldraxxis to be inferior to what was on offer in Legion and BFA. I'll see how the other 2 zones go.

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    I honestly had no idea who the NPCs were or what I Was doing in Bastion. Like I literally had no idea what the quests were trying to do and I read through my quests every time. At least Maldraxxus starts strong and am enjoying it so far. Bastion is a beautiful zone and very unique but the quests are just terrible or maybe the way its delivered. There is just so much point less dialogue and it does not even say much. Its just random gibberish.

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    Bastion was almost enough to put the game down for my group of people I play with. Maldraxxas is slightly better but still isn’t cutting it. Revendreth is our only hope going forward. Getting some buyers remorse for getting shadowlands.
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