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Man, how can you be this missinformed if you actually played SL?
They got everything timegated. If I could "farm" renown, I'd do it in a heartbeat, but we only get 2-3 each week.
Anima is more like order hall resource, not AP.
And even that is painfully easy to get.
And all of these are even in the catchup systems. You aren't pressed for anything.

I guess we see you in a month where you make a thread about "how there is nothing to do".
It's fine to voice your opinion, but atleast don't spread misinformation.
Yes you are right, anima is like X resource from past 3 expansions but renown is like AP but "simplified" and timegated.
Which technically doesnt change a thing for people with self control.

The thing is its not "painfully easy" to get, If I would play SL like I played in BfA I would have struggled to send a single mission. And I played quite a lot.