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    What is the last sport you played?

    I played football 3 days ago.

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    Basketball. I play every week with my friends.

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    Football i mean the one real football made in europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken Drummer View Post
    I played football 3 days ago.
    Ice skating (speed skating).
    I give lessons in it on a weekly basis, and usually i ride in competitions (but as i am not part of the "top" i cannot do so under current covid rules).
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    Lately played football two years ago.
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    Last was bouldering and squash is something I only started before the first march lockdown in the UK, hoping can get back to it soon when sports facilities re-open

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    Disc golf season is upon us!

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    Is pipe smoking a sport?

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    If i would say play that means its a game. Im sure that was football. I mean the real european footbal not that american crap.

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    The last time I played golf with my dad and I finally won against him, I couldn't win against him since he has been in this sport for a long time

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    I was in a softball beer league prior to the pandemic. Good times, I miss it.

    I lift weights pretty religiously if you consider that a sport.

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    I played tennis a few days ago. I used to train tennis, but I suck now...

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    I like team sports. I love watching NBA games but my height doesn't allow me to play well .. Well .. I chose field hockey because I have enough friends to play as a team on weekends. The equipment for this sport is pretty simple too (you can click here for more info). We got together to play even during the lockdown. We have a large free field next to our block. This is a great substitute for training in the gym))
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    Tennis. Like 2 years ago.

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    I played tennis 3 days ago.

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    I grapple 6-10hrs a week, use to be like 30hrs (10yrs ago), 20hrs (3yrs ago), but as I've gotten older need to curtail the wear and tear.

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    Hoop every Tuesday and Thursday in an attempt to enjoy running around a bit.

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    I played tennis few weeks ago.

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