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    Imagine being so poor that when questioned "how to turn on an effect" you flex with a 700 dollar thing. 700 dollars man, my fucking g master zoom lense costed three times that lol. And it's only a god damn piece full of glass.
    whats the bench mark look like?

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    whats the bench mark look like?
    Better than Sigma 24-70 2.8.
    My nickname is "LDEV", not "idev". (both font clarification and ez bait)

    yall im smh @ ur simplified english

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    Suffer the same thing sometimes (Mac), will try a few of these tricks when I'm resubbed. Thanks for starting the thread

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    There's a new feature for targeted fps since the prepatch has dropped. You can turn that on and put it to 60.
    Whenever you would be dropping below that threshold the game will automatically adjust its settings in order for your computer to be able to run at your targeted fps.

    My computer confidently runs wow between 120‐144 fps on WQHD with settings 9/10 or around 100 fps with raytracing on. I still have my target fps set to 60 (think ill be raising itto 75 or 80 soon) just in case i would be running into issues while raiding.

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    usually you have to use console commands or edit the settings file to turn stuff off completely, the settings menu doesn't go that low for a lot of settings.

    if that doesn't work you can look around in your gfx driver options to see if you can force disable some stuff.

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    Actual advice. I encountered low FPS in certain areas (as low as 12-15). Then I went to System/Advanced. Set Graphics API to DX11 and Tripe Buffering to disabled. I get 30-60 FPS in the previously problematic places and 60 everywhere else. I guess it would go up to 100-120 or more but I have it capped to 60, that's fine.

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    Lots of real assholes in this thread flexing their computer investments as if it's all helpful to the OP's situation.
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Because fuck you, that's why.

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