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    Enchanting Roadblock @ 70

    Hi all,

    Wondering if there are any other enchanters who have found themselves stuck in the skill 65-70 range? I am not sure what to do here or if I am missing something, but I only have yellow skill ups, and the material cost for each skill up is about ~7k (Eternal Crystals), yet the enchants themselves only sell for 300g to 3000g (depending on the enchant).

    Is there any way to level up here without making a loss?

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    Don't have enchanting myself but judging from guides and wowhead you should be using Soul Vitality

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    yes there is a bit of a road block at 70. Soul vitality is green but doesnt use epics. eternals are yellow and use epics so its a risk

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    Soul vitality is the way until it turns grey at 75, it's only 4 dust.

    75 to 80 needs epics which is a bit strange since the 80 recipes need blues.

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    If you don't need it right now, you could wait a week, and get the free 5 point at Darkmoon Faire (unless ofc thats removed i SL).

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    The real block is at 95 or so, where you need to spend in excess of 200k in gold in getting to 115 to make stuff that doesn't need the expensive crystals anyway.

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    I would wait for M+ to release so there are more purple crystal at the AH.

    And since there are no cd on the enchanting materials, you do not need right away. Unless you want to sell them, though I do not know for how much they will sell.

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    Enchanting world quest gives +1.

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    You are not missing anything. Disenchanting epics have been required to cap enchanting since Legion.

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    Did not know this is a thing. How do you get this?

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    Darkmoon give 5+ Per month for your profession take this an advantage for professions that are annoying to lvl up.

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    Good to know. Started to level alts and their professions now. Can stack mats. But even greens enchants are simple to level if you have a crafting profession to go with it. Tailoring/LW are always useful as a mat generator as it's things you kill anyway. No node hunting etc.
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