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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmeebs View Post
    lol the tier 0.5 quest isnt a grind?

    Im guessing you never did it :P
    T0.5 is so ridiculous I could never completed it even in WotLK, stopped at Silithus General quest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashblond View Post
    That is exactly the problem here. There contents are there, just nothing new. And that will NOT satisfy today's players.
    Because (I believe) Legion was so popular that Blizzard are riding this train for 4 years now and don't intend to stop.
    Quote Originally Posted by Nachtigal View Post
    B) Torghast is the coolest thing Blizzard has produced

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    Covenant is just a bunch of quests, what blast did you expect there?
    Experience the story. Unlock the covenant armor and cosmetics. Unlock renown so I can grow my character.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    You only enjoy PvP if it awards gear? Sound kinda like you wanted PvE then, no?
    I enjoy having an objective. PvP in itself is OK. I like the epic battlegrounds and I do some once in a while. Having a gear incentive makes me want to do more PvP.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    Scaling is broken every time it happens, give a small indie comapny a break.
    I see what you did there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    How does it prevent you from having fun on whatever levels there are available?
    Not interested in doing PvE content in large raids. It's just not fun.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    Game is only fun if you have that specific legendary? Also it does not drop from the vault, it's rewarded via quest to access the vault.
    Not what I said. About that specific legendary, well, getting legendaries and upgrading them has a huge cost. Obviously I don't want to have to farm several of them when I just need the one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Queendom View Post
    All the content game can offer is already there, and it's exactly the same as it was for 4 years, you can do M+, you can raid or you can PvP.
    And I've been bored out of my mind ever since BFA released. In Legion, they didn't implement the stupid legacy loot system yet, so I could solo WoD raids and get loot. It was great.

    Plus the world quests were actually nice.
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    Players: Blizzard, don't make us grind things!

    Also Players: Blizzard, I have nothing to do!

    There is literally no way they can win with this playerbase.

    I logged in yesterday with an empty quest log, after checking everything I had about 10 quests to do. Dailies, weeklies, story missions. I did a bit of it, but mainly spend my time running the first M+ with the guild, enjoyed being pounded into a bloody mess by mobs in dungeons. Today I did more weeklies, two Toghast runs, Maw Dailies, Callings, the extra stuff from Anima channeling and some dungeons.

    And I could only do that all because I am off work, tomorrow we visit the raid so the evening is filled and I still need to do a new chapter of my Covenant story, two more Torghast runs and dailies every day.

    If I wanted I could do PvP on top, I ignore it, because I don't like it.

    So tell me again, how is there not enough content?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tesshin83 View Post

    Its wrong to compare anima and azerite as azerite was an open grind and renown is capped.

    You werent silly if you did Island expeditions in hope to gain more player power in BFA. But you are silly if you grind anima in hope to achieve more player power.

    If you want to compare anima to anything, compare it to order hall resources.

    The rest is just so silly I am actually shaking my head.

    Do you even actually believe that covenants are equally unbalanced like corruption?
    Anima is needed for the weekly quest to increase your renown. And renown level is needed to unlock more soulbinds levels and conduit slots, which is directly linked to player power.

    Saying anima/renown is only for covenant and has nothing to do with player power is ridiculous. It is like saying azerite power and necklace level is not important because unlocking essences have nothing to do with player power. hehe

    And ofc covenant will be worse than corruption. Corruption is extremely bad in the power imbalance itself, but it does not lock characters like covenant does. Covenant is systematically worse.

    I can guarantee you 100% that Blizzard will allow players to change covenant freely in the end, just like they had to put a corruption vendor in 8.3, because there is 0 solution to covenant power imbalance issue. 100% guaranteed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrod View Post
    To me the biggest issue is that there are still a few chores. Do three world quests? Bah! Go away. I can deal with Torghast but just let me raid and run dungeons, stop trying to make world content happen.

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    Absolutely. I haven't had a viable alt since WoD, and I actually might this time.
    Bahahahahaha, people like you should just play on Private Servers. This game caters to all sorts of players, not just those that constantly want end game 5 / 30 mans.

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