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    There is only 1 "Mawwalker", it would be weird to see more than 1.

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    Where are all the players?


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    The sharding seems really aggressive, especially in lower level zones. I saw almost no one during the intro quest in the Maw and in Bastion, even playing right at launch when like the entire server was there. Gradually seemed to see more and more the later I got in zones.Now at the cap I see tons of people.

    I think they just went overboard with shardingin anticipation for the crush of players.

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    Barely saw anyone while leveling, but I see lots of players around at max level. Especially every time I do the pvp world quests where people seemingly flock exclusively to dick other players over.

    Can't really complain though, at least the rewards are usually pretty decent.
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    To me it's almost crowded everywhere so far. Not complaining though, since most has shared tag even across factions.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    1. There's a lot (too much) phasing (talking both sharding and local phases)
    2. Everyone has WM on (unless they're hiding for some reason or are very unskilled/new players)

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    I see tons more people in threads of fate leveling, maybe the questlines are heavily phased and so you only see people in your shard+on the phase of the questline you are in.
    Campaign questing has its own zone phase. Level 60 players and people leveling with threads of fate are in another zone phase.

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    gonna say I play some REALLY off kilter hours AND play on a relatively dead server and STILL see a shitton of people

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gestopft View Post
    Sharding and/or phasing mostly, and also depending on server. And I think you're right- it has felt pretty sparse while leveling especially compared to previous expansions.

    There was one side quest I did (capturing a monster for the Theater of Pain in Maldraxxus) which took me to a zone that was apparently not sharded and it was WAAAAAAY crowded. The people are there; I think they may have fewer players per shard than before or something.
    The maw is also reaaaaally populated when I go there but the other zones less so. Maybe less sharding in the maw.

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