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  • Oribos

    1 0.56%
  • Bastion

    36 20.11%
  • Maldraxxus

    22 12.29%
  • Ardenweald

    61 34.08%
  • Revendreth

    56 31.28%
  • The Maw

    3 1.68%
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    Revendreth looks great and feels the most fleshed out as an overall society with a clear system, hierarchy, and purpose. It's a nightmare to traverse but that ends up enhancing its character- you really get the feeling of these imposing and fortified upper caste structures.

    That being said, Stewards melt my cold void of a soul. Hmm.
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    Bastion for the visuals and music, less so for the brainwashing Kyrian. Just wish the zone was bigger with more variety. But I am so happy Blizz went for more mood setting music this time around instead of the overly epic we have had since WoD. It gets tiresome after a while but these new calm tracks are what I fell in love with WoW's music originally.

    But Revendreth gets a huge plus in my book for absolutely nailing the gothic theme and for how big of a scope all the buildings have. It feels massive and intimidating which fits the theme of the zone well.

    Ardenweld is pretty but apart from the Pandora vibes it doesn't give me much.

    Maldraxxus is just a pile of poop and bile. Abolutely hate this place. Same with the Maw.
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    Ardenweald is probably the most visually stunning zone they've ever built.
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    Ardenweald > Revendreth > Bastion > Maldraxxus

    I do not like Maldraxxus. It's Eastern Plaguelands, on steroids (which makes sense, since the plague of the undeath comes from maldraxxus, but still).

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    Revendreth looks great and feels the most fleshed out as an overall society with a clear system, hierarchy, and purpose. It's a nightmare to traverse but that ends up enhancing its character- you really get the feeling of these imposing and fortified upper caste structures.

    That being said, Stewards melt my cold void of a soul. Hmm.
    A nightmare to traverse?

    *laughs in Goblin Glider*

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    Im a sucker for Vampire themes. I'm even more of a sucker for enchanted forests
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    Honestly they are all amazing in their own way, even Maldaxxus had a eastern plaguelands on steroids feeling

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    Bastion looks the most unique as it feels like a zone we've never visited before. Maldraxxus is just a more boring Eastern Plaguelands. Ardenweald is Shadowmoon Valley AU but with more trees (I do like SV AU but I like my originality). Revendreth looks neat, probably my favorite. The Maw can go to Hell... which I guess it is. So my vote either goes to Bastion or Revendreth, I like them for whole different reasons.

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    so, i find every zone including oribos to be a fucking 10/10 minimum. the art team has gone too hard on these zones, and i felt like a kid at disneyworld the first day.

    that said, ardenweald and revendreth are 12/10's, with my fave depending on the day. ardenweald is
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    Nothing tops Revendreth and its huge, imposing gothic structures. It's the zone with the best ambiance and world building, by far.

    Ardenweald is pretty, but the story isn't particularly compelling for anyone who isn't RP'ing a druid, or maybe a hunter. Ditto for Bastion and priests/paladins, not to mention the highly questionable brainwashing business going on there.

    And Maldraxxus... Oh look, EPL 2.0 with extra Scourgy stuff, but it isn't actually the Scourge, but rather they are even Scourgier, because reasons. Which is perfectly exemplified by this Draka gurl, who has no background other than being Thrall's mom, but "not actually", in this case. Hell, if they wanted a female orc badass, they could have gone with Zaela, at least she got to do something in game.
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    Still missing Rivensomething and Maw, actually stuck in Ardenwald and hating it. Visual is stunning but the story has simply no appeal to me. I hate fairies, satyrs, babbling trees and so on.

    Loved Maldraxxus despite its “illness” and Bastion too. As of now I would give an 8 to Bastion, a 9 to Mal and a 6 to Ard (it would be 3 if it wasn’t for the stunning visuals).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    A nightmare to traverse?

    *laughs in Goblin Glider*
    Oh, it's not that - it's the getting up part, not down. Even for a DH, it's rather inefficient in how vertical it is and how many elevators are involved in traversal. Plus every major settlement having two roads of getting in, at most. It also feels more hostile than any other zone except perhaps the Maw in terms of elite and overall mob density.

    That being said, this is all stated as a positive. Revendreth reminds me of Suramar and for my tastes that is an extreme compliment.

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    Maldraxxus was great story wise and love the Chosen Model. The zone visuals are kinda Meh, but the Mob models are fantastic Plague Doctor Masks on Ooze people, Lady Vashj Need I say More.

    Bastion was beautiful and I did enjoy the story of the internal conflict of the characters.

    Ardenweald although beautiful I found myself not giving 2 shits less about it or any of the characters.

    Ravendreath was Cool the whole Vampire thing was neat, but I just really couldn't get into it for some reason.

    Which caused me to choose Necrolords as my Covenant as the armor not only looks badass on my Undead DK, but their abilities felt the best while leveling.

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    But, the most moving moment of the entire expac so far was the green one's rebirth.

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    After having done Bastion a second time, I even dislike it more. It's by far the worst zone to quest in, it's highly unenjoyable. Even the heavenly aesthetics don't help as it reminds me too much of Mac'aree. Worst zone for me, from both visuals and story (plus the Kyrians are absolutely horrible). Revendreth is still the best, but I really dig Maldraxxus now. Ardenweald is whatever, beautiful to look at, but just another boring fairy tale zone with that strange Disney vibe (although I love the naivity of the Nightfae and the Winter Queen is by far the best looking and coolest of the Eternal Ones - I'd even dig her as a villain, way more than the 08/15 Jailer).
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    Ardenweald by a combination of both story and aesthetics.

    The other zones (besides Oribos) has one or the other, where Ardenweald has both.

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    All zones are completely unimaginative copies of previous work.

    Maldraxxus is generic scourge zone. We've seen plenty before.
    Ardenweald is generic druid forest zone. Almost every expansion has one of these.
    Bastion is like Skywall / Suramar. Obvious copy of Heaven in Diablo 3.
    Revendreth is like Gilneas with vampires.
    The Maw is simply Icecrown but replaced the blue/ice color palette with general nothingness black and grey.

    Oh how original and imaginative. Such a great theme.

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