Hey guys I am trying to come back for SL and have not really played much since the start of BFA. I notice now when coming back I seem to be unable to search for players on the server. When trying to search I get a message "Added /who "X" to queue" then "Timeout on result of "X".

I have been trying to search around and I saw people reporting issues of this in classic when they disabled Census, I do not have this addon in retail and do not know if it was the same thing on retail. Does anyone have these issues or know of a possible addon that may cause it? I have tried going through and disable the majority of my addons and it is so incredibly frustrating. When I try to ask in game I get told "Well it's been mostly single player for me so far so I don't even know why you need to stalk people".

I would really like this functionality back. Does anyone else have this issue or did they have it and have any idea what the most likely cause is?