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    Horde [US] Warlock LF Semi-hardcore Guild for Shadowlands

    About Me:

    My character is Aethilus on US-Deathwing (Armory Link) . As you can see clicking the armory link, I've worked to establish my character in the first week of Shadowlands and am ready to continue doing what is needed to min/max on an individual level. I'm working on maximizing all three warlock specs. I leveled and did initial gearing as destruction. I spent today doing some heroics and mythics as demonology. Tomorrow I'll be finishing my mythic 0 dungeons as affliction. I am the kind of raider who will never complain because I need to switch specs for a specific fight. I am also both willing and able to handle important assignment jobs during raid encounters. I'll never be the raider who complains because doing some kiting job (for example, I'm not saying warlocks can kite!) lowers my personal parses.

    I was a raid leader and guild master of <Pixelated> (raider.io link) for 7 years from 2011-2018. I raid led the guild from Firelands through Uldir, but we only cleared raids on mythic (old heroic) from Dragon Soul through Tomb of Sargeras. At the beginning we were still establishing, at the end I did my guild a disservice by trying to bite off more than I could chew by being a competitive raider while also finishing up an undergraduate degree in physics. Eventually things died due to my own failures on trying to do it all. Today I'm done with my degree and have established myself into my career.

    During the guild's prime, we reliably cleared mythic in time to farm mounts for the whole guild and sell extras. Although not documented at raider.io because it is new, we were at our best during Warlords of Draenor with some finishes that pushed close to top 100 in the US. This can still be found on wowprogress. I'm searching for a guild with a similar progression speed and raiding environment as what we had, but not as a raid leader. I want to have a taste of raiding where my primary concern will be taking care of what I am doing without feeling like I have to babysit all the other raiders to know what is going on with them.

    What I want from a guild:

    • A mature raiding environment - no yelling just to get your voice heard
    • Constructive criticism is okay (and encouraged)
    • Horde guild on US servers - I can server transfer
    • A guild that will clear mythic - Slow is okay, but I would like cutting edge with a few weeks spare
    • Weekday raiding Mon-Fri - Prefer 2 or 3 nights per week
    • Late afternoon to early evening raid times
    • I'm available between about 4pm-10pm PST (but don't want to raid that entire block)

    Contact me:

    For more information or if you think your guild is a good fit for me, contact me via:

    Direct message me on Discord at Kenn#0479

    Add me on battle.net with Kenn#1557

    Thanks for reading!
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