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    What is the most disappointing video game you have ever played?

    As in you expected so much more from it

    I would say the little Britain video game - so basic.

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    A lot of minor dissapointments, but the biggest ones has to be these 2:

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    rollercoaster tycoon world

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    Bioshock infinite and breath of the wild are up there

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    Kingdom Hearts, I know thats borderline blasphemy, but I just couldn't get into it, no matter how much I tried, which is unfortunate because I've always heard great things about the series.
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    WoW: Legion and BfA. I'd probably say Legion was more disappointing considering how high my expectations were after they abandoned WoD to work on it. I though WoW couldn't get worse than Legion but then came BfA lol.

    Resident Evil 5 was also a huge letdown after the amazing RE4.

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    final fantasy x-2

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    Metal gear solid phantom pain, the intro absolutely blew me out of the water then it turned into some generic rubbish with terrible controls and boring gameplay.

    Final fantasy online, everyone boasting it's amazing...feels like some cheap generic Asian mmo.

    Assassin's creed 1/2 - again so hyped up by people saying it's great...never seen so much repetitive gameplay in a game before this...

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    WC3 Reforged, Diablo 3, World of Warcraft (at some times) and pretty much every single NFS after most wanted ;/ (oh and Mass Effect Andromeda and 3.)

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    Fallout 4
    Gta 5
    All of Mass Effect.

    Those are pretty well up there for me on the disappointment meter.

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    WoW: Warlords of Draenor.

    I was pretty excited for it at first (Blizzard had a decent track record at the time, and we'd just finished MoP, which was a pretty solid expansion in my opinion), but the bad things about that expansion started to pile up very quickly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cidzor View Post
    WoW: Warlords of Draenor.

    I was pretty excited for it at first (Blizzard had a decent track record at the time, and we'd just finished MoP, which was a pretty solid expansion in my opinion), but the bad things about that expansion started to pile up very quickly.
    That’s when I quit wow and never looked back. Had some damn fine zones, however. As someone that had played since launch this expansion finally burned me out.

    Other honorable mentions: Fallout 76, and yet I still play it from time to time. A good group can make or break a game moreso than what the devs do.

    Ultima online felucca/trammel split. What a clusterfuck. For those that don’t know, house placing was a huge thing, and they doubled the land mass. They opened up the new land mass for house placing, a lot of the group I played with got nice spots. Then they messed up and had to roll everything back. We had to start over and about half the group got nothing, and within a month we had all moved on to other games (DAoC, I think eq and asherons call)

    SP (going way back on some of these):

    Star control 3, loved the first 2, figured 3 would be an iteration on 2, as 2 was to 1.

    Master of Orion 3: just felt same way, lost some of the magic.

    Breath of the wild felt like 80% of an incredible game. I felt I had to slow down and force myself to enjoy it because as the world itself was incredible, it felt more empty than it should have. Anytime I get in “slow down or I’ll beat the game too fast” mode I find that to be a bad thing. I only list this because plenty of modern games have been so so or whatnot, but this one I felt could have been so much more, in spite of how highly people think of it as it stands.

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    Mass Effect 3 (the ending specifically).

    I didn't like how trivialized the Reapers became, how it didn't make sense and took me out of the games lore. And ultimately how surreal the ending choice was.
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    Probably that one, had nice atmosphere, but the abysmal content and the fact that you reset every time you play made it sort of... pointless.

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    Gonna go with Fable 3. Fable 1 was great, Fable 2 was one of those sequels that basically only improved on the first game, didn't change what worked just did it all with even more polish.

    Fable 3 wasn't "bad" necessarily, just was such a big step back.

    Honorable mention:

    Halo: ODST for being too short.
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    Probably Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly.
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    the previous game (itself a sequel to Post Mortem) did everything right, except ending on a cliffhanger
    this game... did everything wrong. every. single. thing
    instead of being a methodical detective game it was an attempt to make a game of the Saw movies and pop an established character and title on it because that was cheaper than buying the Saw license and safer than launching a new franchise

    instead of clues, puzzles and interrogations you get timed sequences, death traps and the worst inventory management system ever
    and the cliffhanger of the first game? there's a flashback sequence halfway through the game that shows a very brief ending to that story revealing that the single most obvious suspect was in fact the killer and tells you nothing new and gives no satisfaction or closure. it also has absolutely no connection to the rest of the game at all and is just chucked in completely randomly

    as an unrelated standalone game it might have worked. as an eagerly anticipated sequel to a popular (though not quite mainstream, the genre was pretty niche at this point) game... it was an abomination

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    War3 reforged obviously.

    Aside from that lets say BFAzeroth and Astroneer.

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    All you youngins talking about games that are not even that bad. Wc3 is even polished compared to some really bad games.

    The single worst game ever made is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the NES.

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    Daikatana. John Romero failed to make me his bitch.

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