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    If Blizzard ever decides to revamp Azeroth again they can use the Infinite Dragonflight as the cause. I am still waiting for Nozdormus downfall and he can definitly be a main villain and carry an expenasion theme, at least as the initial threat.

    However, I would actually really like a, so to say, "boring" expansion where we maybe just start to actually rebuild stuff and turn back to some local threats instead of these big cosmic things. Just to let the world and our characters actually breath for a bit. We could of course still have raids and that could be any sort of thing like a Bloodsail Raid, Old God Remnants, another Titan Facilty and what else. Just "normal" things by now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marston View Post
    If Blizzard ever decides to revamp Azeroth again they can use the Infinite Dragonflight as the cause. I am still waiting for Nozdormus downfall and he can definitly be a main villain and carry an expenasion theme, at least as the initial threat.
    WoW needs modern graphics at this point over an Azeroth revamp or more xpacs. The graphics are simply too old, no matter how they try to make it look nice. But if that was coming, I'd have thought something would have leaked by now.

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    Not sure what it will be but expansions lead to the next one in a big way these days. Whoever or what group of baddies we face towards the mid to end of SL should be a good clue.

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    idk but new class for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke is a Gamer View Post
    I'm guessing in typical WoW fashion 10.0 will be something of a filler. Probably Dragon Isles/Dragonflight stuff. Hope for a world revamp tacked on for extra content.

    11.0 I think is gonna be the next big "finale" for WoW, in a long string of big finales. Light and Void (cosmic forces now not mortal armies) come to Azeroth and everything goes to hell.
    I think enough time has passed for dragons to be refreshing again. It's been mostly loose threads since Cataclysm.

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    World of Warcraft: Aspects of Renewal

    After X years of holding on, and despite our and Magni's attempts to heal her, Azeroth is damaged beyond repair and is dying.
    Unwilling to allow her children (i.e. us) to die along with her, she uses what's left of her dwindling strength to put into motion a plan to completely replace herself as the worldsoul sustaining the planet (and get rid of that pesky sword in the process)

    Her plan, first delivered by the speaker and then continued by an avatar of herself as her connections to the planet are broken, requires that we use her knowledge of the dragon aspects' creation to create a self sustaining surrogate worldsoul which uses in-part some of the latent energies that still reside within the sword of Sargeras.

    Turns out that the Dragon Isles hold a conduit of energy that connects to multiple realms which is what made it easier for the Dragonflights to withstand the power given to them as aspects. We go there and find that the madness that multiple members experienced wasn't simply because of the suggestion of certain old gods, but because the conduit had permanently damaged them (it's also the reason Galakrond eventually did what he did) After being left cut off from everyone for a long ass time, the malevolent realms of the conduit have leaked more and more power which has converged and given us our first raid tier where we can cleanse some evil stuff away and begin the connection and controlling of the surviving benevolent realms.

    As a second or possibly final tier, Sargeras' sword was not completely cleansed of corruption by our artifacts and actually holds its own realm within it, a realm which embodies control and order (which was a pretty powerful thing to make a sword with) We are able to access this realm which was partially a cause and also a result of Sargeras' crusade. We go in this 'sword realm' filled with naughties and harness the control and order energies which we will then combine with the aspect energies to create world soul version 2.0. Magni finally gets to go on a holiday.

    Torghast inspired roguelike returns with pocket dimensions which link multiple benevolent (and malevolent) realms together, rewards include tmogs, otherworldly mounts, etc.
    NPC factions involve the basic dragonflights and protodragons.

    End result: some zones changed & repaired as the benevolent energies are able to calm down many of the effects of Deathwing's shithousery (westfall tornado vanishes) and we are able to completely remove the sword of Sargeras (cinematic where it disintegrates after we remove the energies)
    Speciation Is Gradual

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    WoW: The Retirement

    You go back to your roots. Your daily quests consist of picking apples and killing local 5 level deer. Occasional mining in a cave. Some fishing. That's about it.

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    The kobold threat in Northshire Abbey has still to be rooted out. They do keep comin'

    (I guess, haven't played in years)

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    by fire be purged
    Definitely something happened on azeroth because we need to remember that time in shadowlands is different

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    Quote Originally Posted by bagina View Post
    Would be cool if there was a bigass continent in the southern hemisphere of Azeroth. Make it a breather expansion without any reality-ending threats. More intimate, down to earth. None of that forced faction war. Local conflicts and stories are comfy.

    I don't know if I'm the only one in this but I absolutely fucking DETEST goblins and gnomes in WoW. They just ruin the fantasy aspect of WoW for me. Their ugly early-2000s-3d-platformer aesthetic, their machines and inventions that don't fit with the rest of the world and supposed time period. They just break my immersion. And the biggest sin of all, the absolute destruction of beautiful zones with those disgusting goblin settlements. Honestly, the less attention goblins and gnomes get, the better. Ew.

    Just look at this picture and tell me it fits with the rest of WoW. Makes me sick really
    This game has had airplanes and helicopters and machines since Warcraft was an RTS. Get over yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Jensen View Post
    This game has had airplanes and helicopters and machines since Warcraft was an RTS. Get over yourself.
    Duh? I know, I played Warcraft 3. How does that change anything from what I've said? Goblins in W3 never took the spotlight, they were just units that you didn't even require most of the time, save for one or two missions. Besides I'm talking about WoW, not Warcraft. WoW goblins are whole another level of trash, total overkill. They wouldn't be so bad if their shitck wasn't so tired an unappealing.
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    Light and Shadow or Dragons

    Is my bet.

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    I just want the game to ground itself again. I want to defend towns from bands of Gnolls and Murloc raiders. I want the "big bad guy" to be grounded.. think of the Defias for example. I want to collect apples again, knock a few gnomes about..

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