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    Quote Originally Posted by eternal curse View Post
    I don't really understand Torghast. I did two runs last week and then quit because it's boring, but now I got a legendary recipe and I decided to get the rest of the ash, and I see I can do layer 3 immediately, even though I haven't done these wings yet. Do the layers unlock across all wings once I've done one?
    Seems like you understand it perfectly because it's just as you said here

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    Honestly when it first came out I cleared both easily. Mind you I'm BM with 150 ilvl at the time. After the reset I cleared Fracture Halls not easily but it was done. Now I went straight to level 3 in Mort'regar, the aoe and the shiat on the ground was annoying and used all my deaths till I got to the last boss. Put it this way, I didnt kill him. Not sure what happened this time but the first week was cake and I had lower ilvl. I think it was because I got bogus powers. I think I got like 2 power one and the rest was bogus mobility. Just bad luck I guess. I will try again today.

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    This is the Shl version of iland exp so cant understand why people expect it be any better than iland exp.

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    Torghast is easily my favorite feature of the expansion. Me, my wife and her brother have loved doing it for the ash so far.

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    I killed Patrician Cromwell on my DH with 144 ILvl before the nerf.
    I had shitty powers.
    He was overtuned, I'm glad they are adjusting it.

    I love Torghast so far, can't wait for new wings to open.

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    OK, I had some atrocious Anima power RNG this week. Like, I'm facing an elite that I had to do some puzzle to get to. What do I get? A choice between extra holy damage and increased auto attack range. As a Warlock. Then I managed to get to some balconies by jumping on some cages (which was supper annoying because I had 40% increased movement speed and I kept overshooting there) and apparently Anima mimics are a thing in Torghast. At least there was the big breakable pot with an Anima power on the other end of the balcony. An AoE power and increased phantasma gain. When the balcony was the last part of floor 5 and I had only the boss to do. The Anima power spawner from merchant? A choice between an AoE power and increased phantasma gain AGAIN. I was so underpowered by the end I ended up killing the boss with a DoT tick after I died.

    In the other wing I got 3 copies of the Anima power that gives Malefic Rapture a 15% chance to give you 5 Soul Shards and I beat the boss there when it only got 5 stacks of the elite buff, while having a permanent 50% damage taken reduction from Demonic Portal. Though even in that run I was faced with a magnificent choice of Anima power where one of the options was the melee range buff. Twice. Both times from a rare, so perhaps it's tied to a specific rare spawn.
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    I'm quite tired of people who dislike something/disagree with something while attacking/insulting anyone that disagrees. Its as if at some point, people forgot how opinions work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gestopft View Post
    I thought it was a lot of fun when I did testing of it on Beta; I'm sure I will get bored of it once I've got my alt army all needing to do runs in there.
    I might do one alt like my hunter. Until the alts over gear, it from world quests might just pass on it for the army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dacoolist View Post
    Now they give us craftable legendaries and people are still mad
    To craft these items they create mandatory content in Torghast where we acquire the main reagent . This soul ash should be widely available from other content that people enjoy.
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    I haven't done Torghast enough for it to actually become tedious but I can definitely see that happen a few weeks from now. For now it's still fun.
    Here's hoping for more variety in future patches

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    Quote Originally Posted by octapusx View Post
    For me, thorghast is a fresh and welcome part of the game. The only complaint i have is that they need to make soulash come from different sources than thorghast, so i dont need to see whiny posts like this.
    exactly this. it's all good if you like to do it but let me cap soulash without being forced to clear that shit. also, absolutely no reward for a failed run (yeah I failed. I play enhancement and I'm not high tier player). a run is not that fast, feels bad to get nothing at all.

    so you don't know which boss you get, you can have bad luck on anima powers, big differences between specs and no rewards if you failed. the perfect recipe for frustration

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joycemiester View Post
    To craft these items they create mandatory content in Torghast where we acquire the main reagent . This soul ash should be widely available from other content that people enjoy.
    it seems so obvious to me. maybe so obvious they found a way to force fed us with the new island expeditions.
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    I like Thorgast but god damn is some classes easier than others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sofo1 View Post
    I like Thorgast but god damn is some classes easier than others.
    Yeah this is very true. Just watched my friend on his rogue do the zombie boss. He is an absolute beast of a player, with slightly lower ilvl (178) better than me for sure, but he had to use every trick in his arsenal to beat the boss.

    Meanwhile I totally steamrolled that boss as a balance druid using common anima powers. To make it even worse: i was wearing healing trinket and chest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    Blizzard took what everyone hated the most and made it a core part of the game - killing trash mobs for no reward.
    Wait... are we talking about
    a) Scenarios?
    b) Garrison Invasions?
    c) Withered Training?
    d) Island Expeditions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strawberry View Post
    - There's almost no variation in levels. Maybe they are random (I have not replayed them), but I grow tired of watching them.
    - The monsters are nothing special. You see them over and over again and they have the same abilities.
    - The buffs are nice and some are fun to use, but you start seeing them repeat very often.
    - The challenge. What challenge? Once I get my 1250 Soul Ash for the quest to see where it leads to, I won't be coming anytime soon, if ever (if not absolutely needed, but I'm a casual, so not gonna happen).

    Blizzard took what everyone hated the most and made it a core part of the game - killing trash mobs for no reward.
    I love it.
    It is fun gameplay. I don't need a reward for it.

    BUT: We do get a reward. Unless you do not count the currency for legendaries, a follower, the mount and stuff.
    Not everything needs to reward stuff.

    Thorgast is gameplay focused. And it is incredibly fun gameplay at that you can do solo (if you are able to) or group (if you are not)

    If you hate it just becuase it has no reward... maybe wow is not that fun for you as you think?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishan View Post
    I would say it's fun if 90% of the beastmaster hunter anima powers didn't suck so hard.
    I mean some of them are just so stupid it's hilarious. (example: using scare beast on a mawrat makes it die in 3 seconds.. ><)
    The problem arises though that when I run it on my hunter there are so little usefull choices to make it starts getting annoying.
    It mightbe bad luck, but the pool of useless stuff vs usefull stuff is completely out of whack for hunters imo.

    The last layer 3 of upper level I did I could barely kill the boss, because I had 2 dps increases from the abilities out of the 22 i had.
    Combine that with the 30%? reduced haste i had from the stacking debuff applied each level, I had to kill the 315k boss with 2300 dps…
    I killed him on the first attempt, but man it was close and he was at 11 stacks of his buff at that point.

    I hear that other classes/specs have very nice powers and synergies so i'm sure they find it fun, but man BM powers suck...
    This. There is nothing in the BM powers that really help and are nothing more than ridiculous utility.

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