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    I've been on WrA since the realm opened, and it's so weird to see the population skew this heavily. I remember the BFA launch and how many Alliance dudes were floating around, and it seems to have totally dried up.

    Weirdly, I have no huge attachment to the realm. I've been unguilded since I returned to the game a few months back after a 6ish month hiatus, I just stay there out of habit, largely because I find the realm more or less decent.

    Off topic I know, but how do you like MG as a realm? I'm a super casual player that mostly likes to to small scale stuff and fish. Is it a chill and relaxing realm?
    It gets a bad rep from GS. It's way more of a tourist server than WRA so people come there and act up more I think but it's pretty much the same as WRA. I have priest/pally and guild on both just for horde/alliance so my toons have populated sides for each. I kinda thought everyone already did that but you are reversed lol. It has tons of rp guilds etc and it doesn't have that raid or die attitude just like WRA. It's super populated yea so server doesn't feel dead. I like horde on WRA, I just cant get my 2 friends to commit over there so I stay alliance on MG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckyOne View Post
    The %reward is based on overall WM participants in the region iirc.

    That still means you can get a bad balanced shard or get overrun by a alliance group/raid.

    I'm Horde and so far i only had 3 bad experiences since launch (not bad for 25 invested hours so far), the 10%bonus and pvp talents outweigh that by far in terms of time efficiency for me.

    Also: i pity alliance, just look at their M+ participation and hall of fame to understand in what state that faction is (at the top end!), they can have a 50% buff for all i care, we will still have a better time recruiting and getting into M+ pugs.
    they still exist?
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    Atleast bring the Horde up to 15%, that should balance things out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Your Mommy View Post
    Atleast bring the Horde up to 15%, that should balance things out.
    Why, when horde is obviously in the majority. It's just that there are now at least some alliance player in warmode that it's up to it. So why should they balance out something like this: if there is really as many alliance players as horde, then the bonus would be 10% for both, but it isn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryjkur View Post
    No it's not the same. There have many evidence here in mmo-champion
    How is this evidence? It's just another individual case repoting being overrun, whereas in reality there are more horde than alliance players in warmode out there. Like the guy said, only blizzard has those numbers.
    This isn't the USA where, if you shout hard enough you're right. Blizzard has those numbers and only Blizzard.

    As an Alliance player i feel exactly the same thing in warmode.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eapoe View Post
    How do they /spit on you when they can’t see you without WM on? You are literally phased from each other.
    We weren't, for some reason. We stayed in the same phase after deactivating WM. We saw them fight other Alliance in the same place as we were doing the quest. I was with 2 others with Quest Sync on, maybe that broke it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ryjkur View Post
    No it's not the same. There have many evidence here in mmo-champion
    You do realise that, same as here people disagreed with the initial threat too, OP?

    Like, man. I wish Blizz brought back pvp servers, so people stop complaining over a literal mode made for pvp enthusiasts, cause they feel bad when they, well, get PvP from a mode that enables PvP!
    Classic PvP Server are even worse, literalpy dominating entire zones, blocking people off the raid, robbing worldbuffs, ect.
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    If the hordes are less than the alliance then the buff would be in your favor ! blizz didnt gave us the 30% cause they loved us ! it was cause we are less,thats how the buff works >.>

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    may the horde continue being camped at the maw waystone for 2 years to come

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    I just don't use War Mode because PvP is unbalanced and horrible in WoW lol.
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