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    As someone who has 4 alts that have done Torghast now, I can say that shadow priests do ok in Torghast. They do ok at killing and have pretty good anima powers, and self healing obvs helps to hang in there if it gets rough. The main problem is that it can be fairly slow and excruciatingly boring.

    As a tank spec, Torghast is an absolute joke - my vengeance DH can move through a level in under a minute if I get the right anima powers. With a priest, I'd be lucky to get to what, the 2nd room in that time? Clear power is also radically different - again, with the same DH I can pull the whole floor to the final boss and explode them at once, whereas with a priest I have to take it slow and careful unless I get lucky with powers. This is probably common to all non-pet casters though, since we're heavily disadvantaged by not being able to instantly cast or cast on the move.

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    Its definitely slow going but easy.

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    FYI mob HP is halved for healer classes.
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    B) Torghast is the coolest thing Blizzard has produced

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    I failed Upper Reaches layer 8 today as Shadow. The empowered caster mob just didn’t die with interrupt, stun, scream, and los’ing the cast. Sin bolts or whatever hitting half my health each. Layer 8 felt significantly harder than 7. I’m ilvl 206. Maybe I just had bad anima rng.

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    I've tried both and personally had more success as Shadow. Disc simply takes way too long to kill things, which is a problem because of how much time it adds to your runs and the stacking damage debuff on bosses. Sure you can survive much longer but eventually, it comes to the point where bosses are so strong it's almost impossible to heal through their damage while outputting any damage of your own (unless you can reliably kite them, which probably isn't going to happen for a priest unless the boss moves slow by default).

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    Disc can be easier, if you take the talent that turns whatever you mind control into your pet, then take enough puppet strings anima you will be invincible.
    Personally I been soloing layer 8 as shadowpriest without any major difficulty before/after the nerf.just Need to think about your potential anima route and take it slow. 196 itlvl with crappy stats

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    Go for Shadow, get the green anima traits with +1200 damage on hits and if you get the one that adds your shadow mend to mindblast damage and you can prep heal before bosses and almost one shot them. Shadow gets alot of useless traits, but I always end up with green ones that are just better. Don't take shadowmend is now insant, but cost anima for example.

    just some tips, even without that I would still say Shadow, the damage is more then fine same count for your defensives.

    Good luck!

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    even tho shadow is slow with certain anima powers as soon as u unlock some stuff at venari its awesome! i favor PW:death anima powers with SWpain its amazing!

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    I don’t solo it, but rather go as disc and heal my partner, who also plays spriest. I can say that my dps is half his even at a 195 level. Disc just can’t match it unless you get super lucky with painwheel and other damage-dealing powers.

    As disc, though, you’ll never die

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    FYI, the Monday's "fix":
    Bonus damage from Painbreaker Psalm will no longer cause Shadow Word: Death to deal increased backlash damage to the player.
    actually broke the only good spriest torghast combo, i.e. death harvester + painbreaker + wheel. Right now painbreaker bonus damage is dealt separately from the death hit, meaning it no longer benefits from harvester stacks, so it will never outpace the heath increase of mobs as you go up the levels and it also causes you to not reset the death CD through death and madness, if it's the painbreaker damage that kills the target (and does not increment harvester stacks, obviously).
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    Disc is slow and steady definitely would pick disc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aryadneae View Post
    Hi everyone,

    I play SP and I found myself having troubles in the torghast layer 3. Maybe it's because the anima powers I chose (I recently discovered a fear build that I'm going to try this evening) but I heard that it's way easier as tank/healer so I'm wondering if it would be just better to run Torghast as discipline

    Thank you
    I only play as a disc priest and easily solo the layer 8s and Up to layer 3 in the twisting corridors. Layer 1 and 2 of TC took about an hour to clear. I don’t know anything about shadow or holy as I have never played them since wotlk but I melt things. This comment probably doesn’t really help you but you could always try it out and see how it works for you.
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