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    How does a screenshot help with anything? You miss an experience, not a screenshot. No amount of screenshotting can replicate an experience. Your thread is basically, "Hey, I have nostalgia. Does anybody else also experience nostalgia?" The answer to that is obvious. We all do; most of us, however, are honest enough with ourselves to understand that the experience we had when we were new to the game will never be felt again and do not need the empty validation of internet strangers to confirm this.
    Odd. You seem to have taken my simple invitation to discuss playing WoW as a younger person as seeking "validation" from strangers. Notice, please, that you're the only one being hostile in this entire thread. Furthermore, I'd like to point out that the screenshots weren't really a part of this thread until you brought them up. I merely used it go give context for my own experience. That's as far it goes. I personally would love to have screenshots back so that I can see my character. It's as simple as that. It's not for you to decide, it's not for you to put reasons into my mouth. Yes, this is a nostalgia thread, but it's specifically for people who started playing very young. And of course I was asking for people to share their own nostalgic experiences, but that doesn't mean I was asking for validation or any kind of personal satisfaction. I really don't know where that's come from. It was just a friendly prompt to grow a discussion from a specific subset of people who played WoW. I tried to make it a bit more than a general nostalgia thread. It was more about how WoW has shaped our minds and the like... Obviously, many people have nostalgia, even those who have only played for a couple of years, and I'm fully aware of this. But what's with the hostile slant to everything I've said? Why are you so opposed to a decent, normal conversation?

    I'm beginning to remember why I don't post on MMOChampion. Everyone else is fine, however.

    Edit: But let me elaborate on screenshots. It's very strange that you think screenshots are pointless. You seem to think that the experience in your mind is the only thing that matters. Well, I can barely remember anything about my playing WoW in 2006. Screenshots would help me remember. It's not just the experiential, but the photographic aspect, too. Do you really think photographs are pointless? Would you happily burn photos of your parents, kids or friends, or destroy the last photograph you have of a particular thing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadoowpunk View Post
    Play a new MMO to clean your brain from can i say this..."numbness" from playing wow for years?

    But on this new mmo you must:
    -Join a social guild and discord group
    -Enjoy the social aspects and maybe even roleplay a bit
    -Find a good ingame friend to do stuff with
    -No matter what, DONT try and find flaws in this mmo...simply enjoy

    Maybe ESO or GW2...

    (this worked for me)
    ESO is good because it still somewhat plays like simply being an elder scrolls game, but it slightly led to the abomination of the mobile es game.

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