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    What is 'Wrath of the jailer' please and where do I find/enter it?

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    What is 'Wrath of the jailer' please and where do I find/enter it?
    It's a world quest type of thing that appears in the Maw. It looks like a star with 2 swords on the map. Everyone does it and the bar fills then a rare spawns which has the chance to drop gear.

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    It definitely is hard to overcome muscle memory.. I'm in the same boat as the DLC guy.
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    Oh thanks, I have kinda avoided the place after doing some quests there for the bloke/thing in the cave. Will head out there today!

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    It's been more than once where I travel to the Maw, focus on my other monitor or whatever, and spend like a minute trying to mount up before I realize where I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAviator View Post
    Cat scan? I seem to missing something here.
    It scans your brain for tumors and such
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smeller View Post
    It scans your brain for tumors and such
    Thanks for the explanation.

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    I am so blown over this Soul Ash crap. I didn't bother reading about it prior to launch. I basically play because I genuinely like progression raiding and M+ progression. If I fall behind I hurt my 'team' (if they'll even have me after a certain point). In the past you could generally catch up with a long grind session or two, not anymore. I quit BFA just before 8.1 because of the pathetic excuse for content that the Azerite grind was and apparently this looks to be the same. I thought I was going to have alts, but I'll be lucky if I can muster up the will for one. It turns out "alt friendly" begins and ends with the campaign and is otherwise bullcrap. Maybe months from now it'll be expedient but I won't be around to find out if this expac is as grindy as I am beginning to think it is.

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