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    I totally agree. So far I am liking it more than BfA and I actually am one of those who actually enjoyed it. The story is more epic and suspenseful this time around. The idea of going on a "suicide mission" into the Maw felt exciting. The part where you rescue Anduin just to be separated again actually left me feeling a little, I guess you could say, concerned for him and the others. And it's just in general more interesting than Legion and BfA. It just feels like there's more going on this time.

    So far I have only been able to get about halfway through Maldraxxis which I have to say is an awesome zone. Bastion too. Which actually brings me to another point. So far the zones don't feel overly complex to traverse. BfA did a good job of this too but to me it just feels like they improved on it a bit more making it feel like I don't really need a flying mount or even want one to be honest.

    So yeah I'd say as far as first impressions go SL left a good one. It even had one of the smoothest launches I think we ever had. I don't recall having a single issue. It's amazing the amount of good a simple delay can be. I can just imagine what it would've been like without a delay.
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    As someone who absolutely hates the setting and story, is it worth playing just for the endgame?

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    I’m enjoying it so far, but there could be improvements. Getting a mount for the Maw will be a game changer, but once we get one, will we still have a need to be there? Torghast is not as fun as I’d hoped, but it’s not bad; one big improvement? Greater chance for materials either as drops or as anima powers.

    World quests definitely feel tedious. There may be a five line between too tedious and too easy, but they have not found it yet.

    Ardenweald is a stunning achievement in design, but Revendreth is awesome in every way. Bastion and Maldraxxus aren’t as enjoyable to me.

    but the whole starting experience is way better than BfA. Not as good as Legion though.
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    It surely has
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    I think I agree.
    I mean, the story is a mess, but it's been bad since like, Cata, or even Wrath (yeah, Arthas, memby WC3? cool).

    The launch was smooth, with only maybe 2-3 disconnects so far, leveling was fun with each zone having a decent story (aside from the nonsense part, mentioned above), and the covenant stuff doesn't look as game breaking as it was in earlier iterations.
    Sure, my covenant ability is in my top 10 of damage done, but it's far from being Twilight Devastation (thank god).

    I am one of the few who likes the Maw the way it is; but then again, I am a druid so... gogo gadget mount-form.
    The threat of losing stygia if you die (you can get it back by recovering your corpse) adds some danger to it, and the rares and such are strong and feel dangerous (I'm sure that will change once I have full heroic/mythic gear ofc).

    The only thing I would change is the travel system.
    Like, I get it, it's cool we're hitting the "in between" and whatnot, but it's basically a rip from TERA where you fly into a gate, take the super highway, end up at the next place.
    If in 9.1 they change it to be "hit the gate, come out the other side in the zone", that would be nice.
    The zones feel so disconnected right now (I mean, yeah, they are diff planes and whatnot), but skipping the shiny highway would kinda make them feel closer and more of a connected world instead of just a big instance.

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    SL is fun indeed, there is little to complain about, I already look forward to reset (EU) and have my 2nd character ready to lvl up soon.

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    Same here. So far so good. I am loving it. I just hope they can keep the story centered and not all over the place like BFA. Which felt like I was looking at Soap Opera with its many story lines. Let's keep our fingers that they keep up the good work.
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    I think it's clear to me now, I shouldn't have returned after 5 years. I'm not really finding anything in-game to be entertaining and I absolutely hate the maw. But if Cyberpunk doesn't maintain my attention span then it means I'm likely done with gaming rather than it being Shadowlands is bad. The only thing I want from SL is the season 1 Keymaster mount but my motivation just isn't there tbh. I'm even playing a new class (MM Hunter) for the first time at launch as I've mained a Paladin since 2005 and I think that's the literal only sliver of interest I have left in the game.
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    now if they could just get rid of the lag....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kokolums View Post
    The standard for good would be something like WoD launch, where a TON of players came back and the playerbase quite obviously exploded. And even then, they quickly shed all of those players and more because endgame sucked.
    Am I insane, or is your standard for good literally the standard for bad? Players came, sure, great, but that means nothing - they left quickly, because game was bad. Probably won't happen now, since opinions are mostly good, and opinions are the only thing that matter - even if the game was in an objectively tragic state (it's not, but hypothetically), if opinions on the internet were good, the sheeple would get influenced by those as they always do, and it would turn into a neverending praise circle. Kinda like with BfA, but the opposite of it.

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    You gonna jynx it now. :P

    Well, i don't go as far as saying it's really good cause it's still lacking and anima is still AP in a way and it makes me dislike it.
    If anima was removed, i'd say it's good.

    But, still. It's early. We will have to see how these systems mature.

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    Update: so I was wrong about WQ rewards; I just caught it on a bad day, and they are offering decent gear (for me, anyway). So, +1.

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    Looks very promising so far... but it is much too early to judge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Queen of Hamsters View Post
    I'm very "on top" of news and game systems etc, but I feel rather... confused. Maybe I'm getting old... It's also been the first expansion where I didn't enjoy 100% of the leveling experience. Only 50%. Hoping that'll change with Threads of Fate as they tune it to be less of a bitch-ass grind... Pardon my french, but the term fits when it comes to bonus objective completion rates.

    Have been enjoying myself at max level though, and I feel so SO much less stressed, which is amazing.
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