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  • Night Fae

    34 17.17%
  • Kyrian

    15 7.58%
  • Necrolord

    81 40.91%
  • Venthyr

    68 34.34%
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    [shaman] What covenant did you pick and the reason.

    I went Night Fae on my Female Dwarf Resto Shaman. I think Night Fae fits the whole life, water, earth pretty well.

    The instant blink with hp regen is such an amazing life saver and saved me many times allready. Last boss Plaguefall mythic for example.

    The Fae Tranfusion claims to be underwhelming but I do find it very nice and even so there is gong to be tuning pretty soon as always.

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    Night Fae. Soul Shape is amazing, and fills a gap in Shaman's kit. Fae Transfusion is good enough. Most importantly, though, the area and the aesthetic is just too good to pass on. Absolutely gorgeous.

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    I went for Venthyr.

    Because i miss Gust of Wind, and the Venthyr Covenant ability provides a cool replacemnt for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordog View Post
    I went for Venthyr.

    Because i miss Gust of Wind, and the Venthyr Covenant ability provides a cool replacemnt for it.
    Night Fae actually is like gust of wind. Door of Shadows has a cast time... and is a teleport, not a blink.

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    Now this thread is interesting. Given I’m still leveling, I am actually in Anderweald and I’m hating it. The zone is gorgeous but the story is horrible for me.

    I’m using my resto shaman atm, it’s curious that some resto here chose night fae as covenant, it’s the only one no sites recommend.

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    well venthyrs as enh/resto, chain harvest is just to good to pass, 5-11k dmg x6 targets + 8-16k heal also on 6 targets with reasonable cd and instant cast with MSW

    teleport is nice addition, could be 0,5s cast time or instant but it can disorient enemies, can be used to get in strange places/ skipping traps on thorgast+ solid dmg increase from treats, for sure have its uses, also pretty handy on aggressive arenas from what i have seen
    on top of liking aesthetics so that`s a + to in my case :P

    "Hope for the best and prepare for the worst"

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    Went Venthyr on my (primarily) enhancement shaman, in part because Chain Harvest is amazing and actually feels impactful unlike the rest of the covenant abilities, but mostly because I really like the aesthetic of the Venthyr.
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    I'm primarily resto, sometimes ele as needed. And I went Venthyr, Chain harvest looks good, Sounds Great. but mostly just *Feels* good. It feels like a natural ability we that could have been put into a shaman's kit at any time. A nature union of chain heal and Chain Lightning with and extra kick to warrant the CD.

    Vesper Totem, while also feeling like an actual shaman ability, didn't end up feeling very fun at all cuz of the small range on the heal. More tedious to try and use then anything else.

    Nerco was fun, Could have gone that. Didn't really scream "shaman" but it certainly was an interesting ability.

    The Fae Transfusion seemed....fine for ele. but just standing there waiting for damage, to only heal in a medium to small radius around you, didn't really sit well for resto. But boy oh boy does it look good and soulshape was tempting, getting that gust of wind button back would have been nice for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aurosh View Post
    Night Fae actually is like gust of wind. Door of Shadows has a cast time... and is a teleport, not a blink.

    I know!

    But Door of Shadows has more flavour.

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    Resto shaman, went Night Fae because felt like it - for theme & story mostly, but I'm trying to make good use of the abilities. Soulshape blink is great, sometimes a life saver (or just convenience). Fae Transfusion, I feel, is not given enough credit. Sure, we already have best spot healing abilities, but it's on-demand instant AoE that you can bank for 20 seconds (do damage yourself when it's safe, to use healing during anticipated group damage). The way it works obviously requires good positioning and it's best when group/raid can/has to stack, and numbers are good - in my mediocre blue gear can do ~16k healing if I can use it to the full potential. Will only get better. Venthyr ability can do a similar thing, but the cast is SO. FREAKING. LONG! Didn't enjoy it, I already have the bread & butter Chain Heal if I want to stand in place watching my cast bar fill up slowly.
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    All of them had something i wanted form them...

    Bastion has the best offensive ability
    Maldraxxus has the best transmogs/ mount
    Ardenweald has the best zone appearance/ story/ reasons for joining (contain the jailer)
    Rivendrath for its secondary transport ability

    Ultimately chose rivendrath as my dk alt will go maldraxxus, and druid go Ardenweald and not really interested in bastion that much.

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    Kyrian on my Rogue because it's a solid and safe pick. It's good all around and easy to use.
    Venthyr on my Priest because I like the aesthetics and Mindgames is amazing.

    I'm going to get all the covenants but right now I only have two level 60s.

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    Not sure yet. Seeing that I want to collect transmogs and have two mail classes at lv is a bit tough. Maybe Night Fae for shaman and Kyrian for hunter? But Venthyr also fits my hunter...maybe even better

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    Went Venthyr on my main, playing as ele 90% and enh 10% of the time. I loved the NF set and the aesthetics of the abilities but:
    1- Soulshape clashes horribly with Ghost Wolf, for us shamans it could have been a permanent replacement with added speed and blink part on CD, but no, not a single thought has been given on that regard.
    2- Our active ability is a meteor (no added damage for aoe), is a channel (terrible for enh, even with the MSW stacks), has long CD, is ground targetted and requires an additional GCD for the healing portion.

    To compare, Chain Harvest is supposed to be instant with MSW (haven't checked yet), and heals during its cast. It deals high damage, is fire and forget and has a longer range compared to chain lightning. Plus Door of Shadows is amazing in outdoor content and feels great until flying kicks in.

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    Really weird many resto went with night fae, it’s basically the only covenant no site I have read suggests ever, at least group PvE side.

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    Night Fae for a shaman - the only covenant that remotely matches a theme of a shaman (even though it's more druid/hunter feel to it, but well we can't have it all... or better said: we can't have anything at all, and I accept it by now). Transmog looks "ok", though no shaman vibes obviously. Fae Transfusion feels ok to use, be it elemental or resto on dungeons, and felt the least clunky to me. Mounts doesn't matter to me, as i exclusively use elementals/gryphons/skygolem/yak, so nothing here for me. For extra activity gardening seems fine, though initially I was drawn more to the Kyrian one.

    Overall I was quite excited about covenants before they announced what they are in details, and was disappointed there is nothing fitting shaman or dwarf at all. Like some "eternal battleground" between ancestors or some realm of spirits, kinds like that. But i understand the covenants had to feel kind of "universal" among classes and races, so maybe some deeper thought would have to be done for theme matching more that 1-2 classes at most.

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    Went Kyrian, reason? Coolest looking armor (Leather) + you get WINGS!!!

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    Venthyr on my warrior, mainly for the execute replacement, having a +1m cooldown ability was meh

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    I chose venthyr bc I enjoyed revendreth story and was, of the all 4 zone stories, the one I was more curious to know more. Plus the gear and abilities are cool for my paladin I wasn't even aware venthyr would be what the majority would pick, always thought most people disliked the edgyness of vampires and would go to night fae or bastion
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    Quote Originally Posted by chiddie View Post
    Really weird many resto went with night fae, it’s basically the only covenant no site I have read suggests ever, at least group PvE side.
    God forbid people pick covenants that are not "recommended" by interwebz sites Maybe less people care about those sites than you thought?
    I'd rather make my own choice than let myself be told what choices I should make - especially in a game.
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