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    Can you get more than one piece of gear from one Mythic Dungeon?

    I've never found more than one piece of gear from a single dungeon. It's always 0 or 1. So if there is a limit, it seems pretty pointless to kill remaining bosses if you find a piece of equipment from the first boss for example. I've seen many people leave after finding an item. A dick move, but I understand if it's like that.

    Or is there some unlucky streak prevention that increases the odds of an item dropping every boss kill that doesn't get you loot?

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    Yes you can loot more than one item. I have as have several others I've been grouped with. Each boss you have an equal % I believe to the rest of your group for receiving a piece of loot.

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    i got a ring belt and wpn from sanguine depths mythic today (looted them all myself) so yes you can. lock in group got 2 items as well.

    Prob unrelated but i got nothing the previous 2 dungeons.
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    Yes, you can get more than one item per regular mythic dungeon.

    It was this week, that a friend of mine has gotten 3 items out of a 4 boss dungeon. And it was our first mythic dungeon of the expansion, so he didn't get stuff traded, he legitimately looted the items.

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    Yes it's the mythic + chests that will be more limited not the mythic 0

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    Yes, my piece of **** Mate ran Necrotic Wake Mythic with us and got a drop from EVERY. SINGLE. BOSS.

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    On average you should get a 1 piece per instance. However, I have seen myself get 2-3 before. Just last week when I cleared all the mythic 0's ... two instances I got zero loot but one instance I got 3!

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    Last night, our Mage got 3 items from Necrotic Wake.
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    They reduced # of drops for both raids and dungeons, this is blizzards attempt to regin back with all the gear someone could get as well as getting rid of titan forging. It makes gear drops more important since its harder to get. Some people like this, and others think blizzard went to far. Personally I think its to early to tell if this was the right move.

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    Definitely. On my first run of mythic Plaguefall I received a back and ring item.

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    My own "noteworthy" results from 2 full clears of all dungeons on mythic 0:
    2 pieces of gear from 2 dungeons. 0 pieces of gear from 3 or 4 dungeons.

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