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With logic like this, do you also run around dungeon meleeing things, instead of doing DPS? I mean, you are not obligated to *actually* do DPS, right? Or heal? It's not your problem that people keep dying from avoidable damage, right? If you're acting like an asshole, don't try to rationalize being an asshole. Leaving a dungeon as a tank will end up in a group falling apart and 30 minute queue for 3 of your DPS players, or it'll take 15 minutes to find a replacement (at least it used to be 4 weeks ago or so, maybe it's even worse now).
Well since I'm a tank yes I melee things. You are conflating to different arguments, 1, an obligation to do something one doesn't want to do, and 2, not putting in an effort for something somone want do to.

When I do content, I do what I am supposed to do, hold threat pull efficiently, and keep my group safe. So you don't have to worry if I'm your tank. Just if I get what I'm looking for and I have other things I'd rather do than finish a dungeon or I'm time crunched. I bail.

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I think the side for leaving groups being okay would change their minds in an instant if they started entering dungeons for what they want and everyone just stood there. And they'd start spewing the same things people are saying to them for how selfish they are.

It's not selfish, that's why they queued for the dungeon, to stand at the start of it and do nothing.

Or how about you all start explicitly stating at the start of the dungeon you're there for the one thing and will be leaving right after the boss. You know why that's not done, you know you'll be kicked and replaced right then and there.

You could also get your own group together and run in kill the boss run out and reset over and over.

So it's been established then. It's lazy, cowardly and selfish to join LFD and leave after the boss you want is done.
Nah, I 99% of the time run with guildie so most of this is moot.