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    Last night I was called out for being toxic for the first time in..... well its been so long I can't remember the last time.

    Was doing the last M0 of the week for me, Necrotic Wake. Tank was a little less geared than I would like but, M0 - lets do it! The tank on the first pull grabs three packs. We hold it together for a short while but then the tank and a couple dps go down. We're right next to instance entrance so people are immediately rezzing and jumping back in to the fight. Eventually, after several more deaths, we get the three packs down and move further in. The tank, again, grabs multiple packs. So many packs, honestly, I'm not even sure how many packs he did grab. Rinse and repeat of the first round except this time we completely wiped a couple times with the tank running into the mess without anyone else with him. So we get that cleared away and one of the dps says: hey maybe pull a bit less? No comment from anyone else. The next pull, the same god dam thing: multiple packs, we wipe, people rezzing and running back in instead of resetting, etc. At this point, we're about 30mins in and haven't made it past the initial area. Next pull? You guessed it: tank pulling multiple packs again.

    So, at that point I type something out that I think is fairly innocuous: Thanks for the group, but I really don't have time to wipe on every trash pack pull. Good luck guys.

    Message I get from the tank, verbatim: You're a toxic asshole. Fuck off and die. LOL I genuinely laughed out loud.

    Next group I joined, cleared the instance without a death and in about 30mins total. That tank is the first real toxic person I've run into in SL.
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    Back in Cata when dungeons were hard I pugged one of the zul whatever dungeons on a healer alt. It took a long time and many wipes to get to the last boss because the group was mostly undergeared/non-raiding casuals, and after clearing the last bit of trash someone typed "guildie needs this" and I was kicked a few seconds later, right before the last boss.

    This was an upsetting experience, but I have never been triggered by toxicity in pugs ever again. No consequences = no morals. It was an early lesson in civilized conduct and online morals, and honestly opened my mind to be a bit more understanding and accepting of this kind of behavior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiev View Post
    Start your own groups. List them with a minimum iLvl but add in: Learning experience or something like that in the description.

    Toxic people will never join that group because they think they are above learning. People who are bad at the game probably won't have high iLvl.

    Make that experiment and report back, in the name of science.
    May help. But just want to jump in to say bad player != bad player and vice versa, good player != good person. The two are different. I personally prefer to play with bad players but good person rather than good player but bad person.

    I have been in group pre M+ with some good players, from the DPS charts, but just complained about others through the entire run. We were not wiping, going at a good pace but just complained why people were not doing this and that.

    In the reverse have been in groups where we wiped a few times but there were no complains, some tips on went wrong, encouragement to keep trying. These runs takes longer but the experience were far better, but also far rarer unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deenman View Post
    wow since vanila?thats awsome,i rly miss my old vanila/tbc screw,got only one guy with me since those days,been rolling with the same people since around mop only so far,and i didnt know about the guild addon thing,really cool

    but i have one simple question......WHY?!!...can you all not be in the same guild?why 9 guilds or whatever haha
    We periodically hit the guild cap (which is 1000 accounts i think). While its been a while since we have hit that (classic took some people, which we have a guild for as well, and just attrition overall) we keep the alt guilds as a relic, also their guild banks are useful. We could probably get away with merging the two alt guilds now, but i remember a point at the start of legion where the community guild and one alt guild were maxxed out.

    We only have 4 guild names on retail. We are approaching 9 raid teams as of last night though.
    We live in an era of "me versus them", an era where something is done that you don't like means you are personally attacked. People whine too much.
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